February 21, 2017


If you live in District 3 or not, the person that wins the Special Election in March will be helping to make decisions for all of us in Jasper County.  Be informed, and inform those that vote in District 3.

Who will represent Jasper County and District 3 Best?  Here are some questions and answers to help inform you of your choices.


Q: Does the county need someone to represent the current citizens of Jasper County or someone representing those promoting “progressive” government, “smart growth,” and “strategic planning”—all terms that sound good but mean more growth and more taxes?

A: Hays has said, “We have many important discussions and decisions coming very soon.  We have to plan for the future and still be able to hold on to our rural lifestyle.”  At a town hall meeting Hays said he was most concerned about the people presently living in Jasper County and their needs.

B: Jernigan has said, ““I agree with Gene Trammell as his wife, Jeanne, wrote recently in The Monticello News  that we need smart growth. We need to improve and maintain our infrastructure, roads, water, fire and police protection, to meet the demands of our present and future residents.”

Q: Does the county need younger people or older people to serve in office?

  1. Hays is 30 years old, works in Monticello, and is raising his family in Jasper County.
  2. Jernigan is 67 years old and is retired.

Q:  Does the county need a commissioner that understands the consequences of raising taxes and spending more and more money?

  1.  Hays paid $1,182  in property taxes in 2015 and $1,297 in 2016.  His residential property is valued at $99,500.
  2. Jernigan paid $167 in property taxes in 2015 and $167 in 2016.  His residential property is valued at $16,200.

**A 20% increase in taxes (as we’ve had over the past 3 years) would mean a $253  increase for Hays and a $33 increase for Jernigan.

Q: Would it make sense to elect someone with a little knowledge of what is going on and is being discussed in BOC meetings?

  1.  Hays has attended BOC meetings regularly since April 2015
  2. Jernigan has not attended any BOC meetings in the last 4 years—until he attended a work session on 2/13/17, a few days after he qualified to run.

TWG wonders Why has Don Jernigan decided to run for office all of sudden?  He has never been interested enough before to even attend BOC meetings and know what is going on. 

What questions do you have?  Ask them and get answers before you vote!


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.



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  1. Property taxes are the perfect example says:

    Property taxes are a perfect example here. The District 3 commissioner will be determining what our property taxes are, and if you pay little to none. Since Jernigan pays little to none, it will not matter to him if the property taxes increase another 20%. The increase would be meaningless to him, and he would be off to another golf game while the rest of us struggle to pay our property taxes and work overtime to do so.

  2. Bigger picture says:

    Question 1:
    Hays is concerned about current citizens in the county.

    Jernigan is concerned about current and FUTURE citizens, looking ahead and not just at the now.

    Question 2:
    Hays is 30, works full time and raises his large family. Hays works so much, he is unable to attend the monthly meetings at Turtle Cove due to work.

    Jernigan is not 67 (but close) and retired. He is able to focus all of his time and efforts focusing on the needs of the county. Jernigan will not have to miss work or leave early and will be able to meet with citizens easily.

    Question 3:
    Hays just recently started paying taxes in his short life.

    Jernigan has been paying taxes longer than Hays has been alive. I’d say yes, Jernigan does understand the importance of taxes. Property Tax amounts are a poor example here. Shows to me Jernigan is living within his means.

    Question 4:
    Hays started attending meetings when he decided to run, Hays has yet to make a single meeting within his own neighborhood due to work.

    Jernigan is active in his community, helps raise money for the community, and is/has been involved with several organizations within the county.

    • Ain't Nobody Got Time For That says:

      I agree 100%. Henry, Salmon and Luke should resign immediately. How dare they pretend to represent the interests of Districts 2, 4 and 5 when we know that all three are (((gasp))) gainfully employed.

      Time has come for Jasper citizens rise up and demand that only those retired and living well below their means be allowed to serve the interests of the people of Jasper County.

      Maybe we should fire everyone who works in the county courthouse as well ? How can they serve the people of Jasper County and be busy being employed, too ? It just don’t make no sense,

      • Yeah, about that... says:

        Actually, Mr. Hays has been regularly attending meetings for several years. It’s Don Jernigan who hasn’t made clear appearances until he decide to, or more likely was persuaded to, run for office.

        Also, can you be certain that Mr. Hays has never attended one of the TC meetings? Seems to me I remember him attending a couple last fall. One he and Gene Trammell were both at.

        Finally, the commission works for the citizens of today. They don’t work for the citizens of tomorrow.

        Your “facts” are factually fallacies. You should also consider differentiating between your “facts” and your opinions.

  3. Be careful says:

    We citizens need to be careful of all the rhetoric that is being concealed as caring ideas.

    Smart growth – as opposed to dumb or stupid growth?

    Clean air act – as opposed to polluted air?

    Affordable healthcare – as opposed to ….well we all know how this worked out

    Common Sense gun control, Destination resort, etc. etc.

    These buzz words sound good to the uninformed. Often these slogans do exactly the opposite of what they imply.

    Politicians have mastered the art of disguise.

  4. Ignorance is no excuse says:

    Don Jernigan says he is all for smart growth. Does he even know what that means? Look it up. The UN’s Agenda 21 is about smart growth and how the dummies (you and me) are controlled by the government. It has nothing to do with good growth.

  5. Just Wondering says:

    Have the powers that be, the ones really that run Jasper County, found themselves another puppet or do the gentlemen running truly have the best interest of Jasper County and the citizens in mind?

  6. Don Who? says:

    Who is Don Jernigan? Why didn’t he run in the last 3rd District election? Why now?
    I’ve never heard of Don Jernigan being involved in local government before and I’ve been following Jasper County politics for three decades.
    Whose stooge will he be? With all the “Smart Growth”, Strategic Planning “and empty
    “Progressive” slogans he is busy regurgitating, I think the answer to that question is obvious. To put it bluntly, he will not be working for We the Taxpayers. And, that’s for certain.
    Haven’t the constituents of 3-D had enough debt pimping “Smart Growth” progressive puppets fleecing the taxpayers of Jasper County with one sneaky backroom deal after another, already?
    How about the 3rd District voters try a fiscally responsible Representative willing to listen to the people of Jasper County for a change?
    Let not repeat the same mistakes of the past.

  7. Best choice obvious says:

    Wish I lived in district 3. Ross Hays would have my vote.

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