March 2, 2017



Jasper County has 7 fire stations.  Station 5 is located at Hwy 212 E and Smithboro Rd.  This active station prides itself on keeping up its equipment and serving the community and Jasper County whenever there is a need.  Something is very wrong when the Station 5 Captain goes to the station and the tanker truck is missing.

After questioning Fire Chief Jarrett Slocumb, who said he knew nothing, and then Chris Finch (Fire/EMS director), it seems that “someone” decided that the tanker truck at Station 5 would be moved to Station 1 (Jackson Lake Rd./Turtle Cove), because they needed it, and the tanker from Station 6 would be moved to Station 5. 

According to our sources, the tanker truck from Station 6 has not been kept up, and it is not safe.  The exact words were, “Tanker 6 is limping!”  So tanker 6 is good enough for Station 5, but not good enough for Station 1.

Who authorized this decision or can the Fire/EMS director go to any station he wants, move equipment, and not tell anyone about it? 

Station 1 has fire hydrants close by.  Station 5 can only be protected by the tanker truck and by local ponds with dry hydrants.  This decision puts the people in the Piedmont area of the county in jeopardy, and it should not be allowed to stand.

Approximately 6 months ago, “someone” tried to move the Station 5 fire truck, and then the Station 5 extrication (jaws of life) equipment.  Within the last year Station 5 has lost a squad truck and a brush truck to mechanical issues.  These have not been replacedIt seems the Fire Chief and/or EMS director don’t think Station 5 should have the equipment to protect the people on the east side of the county.

This is an issue at Station 5 now, but who knows which Station will be next.   Do our commissioners know about this, and if so what do they plan to do about it?



Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.






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  1. Bearded Wolf Tenska says:

    Technically the Turtle Cove area is available for ‘dry hydrants’ at most of the locations. Pull up and pump from the Lake. A common practice. This far outweighs the ability of a tanker to extinguish a fire. I know, I used to be a volunteer fireman. You dont have that option in the areas where the pumper was removed. Somebody isnt thinking too clearly.

  2. Reality Check says:

    Slocumb is not the chief, check your facts before you post. Chris Finch is the chief. Station 5’s lieutenant (representing the station since the caption never comes to chiefs meetings) gave permission for the move. Another fact you missed…Station one does not have hydrants in Turtle Cove, they have flush valves that, if used, compromise the entire communities water systam. Tankers are integral to structural fire control in that area. Station 5 was not left without a tanker, and has the same number of trucks as every other Station in the county except 6. They only lost one truck, which was old and no longer used. The other truck was converted from a pump style truck to a brush truck to make it more useable. Their engine was never in danger of being moved, that was engine 4 (Hillsboro’s truck), which was saved by commissioner Trammell.

    Get your facts straight people before you post.

    • taxdogs says:

      Your set of facts is very different from the facts we were given by the Station 5 captain. First, Chris Finch may be the EMS/Fire director, but Jarrett Slocumb is still called the Fire chief by the BOC. No one said Station 1 had hydrants in Turtle Cove. Station 1 has a hydrant right out front that is part of the JCWSA line that runs all along Jackson Lake Rd. to the foreclosed subdivision near Hwy 16. Station 5 has NO hydrants in the area it is located. Station 5 was left with a tanker (#6) that the front end has been wrecked more than once. The tires were flat and had to be replaced. The issue here is if a station, such as Station 5, maintains its equipment and another, obviously “more important”, station decides that equipment is better than what they have, them the equipment is moved. We have been told the Station 5 lieutenant is trying to get a job with the county, so he went along with the plan, even though it has left Station 5 with equipment inferior to what they had.

      • Reality Check says:

        Yes, my facts are different than those of the station 5 captain. Am I automatically wrong, because my facts are different? What makes his version more trustworthy? Is it because you know him and you don’t know me? Is it because you verified his facts somehow? I’m curious to know. As for the titles of Finch and Slocumb. Their own uniform shirts say Fire Chief on Finches and assistant Fire Chief on Slocumb’s. It’s unfortunate that, possibly out of habit, the BOC still falls back on what they are used to calling him. If I am correct, the department was combined a while back under James Gregory. Or at least, that was the word. As for the truck, it was not moved because it was nicer. It was moved because in that Station it would be used. You enjoy requesting records through open records requests. Why don’t you do a little digging and see if I’m right instead of just believing Station. 5’s captian. See how many times that tanker was paged from 5, and how many times it was actually taken by them to a fire.

  3. Limit The Keys To Stop The Theft says:

    How many people have keys to the Station 5 firehouse? One of those will most certainly be the culprit. BTW, with the gaggle of go-along-to-get- along self-serving rogues now in control of Jasper C ounty, the property of Station 5 would better secured if all locks were changed and keys limited to fire department members only.

  4. Will says:

    Jarrett Slocumb did not know anything, huh? Hard to believe considering he is the Chief. More drama, which is what Slocumb has always thrived on. Station 5 is just as important as Station 1. Another example of the buddy system that thrives in Jasper County.

  5. Cheryl Nowetner says:

    If anyone in district 3 wonders who to vote for for BOC read Ross Hayes post on this. He goes to all the BOC meetings and keeps abreast of what goes on in out county and district 3. How many meetings has Don Jernnigan been to and does he even know where the entire district is? We need someone who represents the county not a bank backed person they can control.

  6. Rickie Walker says:

    How much trash will our roads hold?

  7. Yeah, about that... says:

    “We’ve got to keep those Turtle Cove folks happy!”
    You want to know how the rest of the district can have representation? They’d best vote for Ross Hays. He cares about our county, not JUST “his community.”

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