March 15, 2017


Last night’s blog solicited many comments.  If you haven’t read them, take the time to do so.

 Everyone thinks they should be able to do anything they want on their own property, and that is true to a point.  The following comment makes excellent points, many of them most of us do not think about.

 an ex jasper resident says:

March 15, 2017 at 11:31 am (Edit)

You are correct it is your property. But when your life style effects the safety and health of people who also have paid for their property and taken all of their extra time to clear driveways and prepare it for building then it no longer is your business alone. When your feces is being delivered to the soil onto someone else’s property it is their business. Not to mention the devaluing of the surrounding property. There are a lot of laws that are in place that may seem to be intrusive on your personal rights; but they are put in place to protect others. Some may think that it is their business to use, manufacture and sell meth but when the drug addicts come to my land to buy and use said meth it then becomes my business and my right to protect my child. It is a person’s private business to fight with their wife and chase her through the yard with a gun but when that private business puts others child in danger of getting shot during a domestic fight for simply playing in the yard then it is no longer a private matter. So yes you are correct, it is your land and your business until your disgusting, pathetic lifestyle effects others health, safety and peace of mind. Keep your sewage and your drugs and dope head thieving friends on your property and then the laws that you find so intrusive won’t apply to you. Until then it is my right to use the laws that are in place to protect me and mine.


Also this comment is relevant to the post TWG made last night:

an ex jasper resident says:

March 14, 2017 at 10:20 pm (Edit)

In September of 2016 I purchased the adjoining lot to the property listed in this article. I purchased the land from Hurdle Land and Realty in Loganville. After becoming aware of the illegal sewage underground on our property line I made contact with Brad Cherry and Shane Sealy. I was concerned about the safety of my property due to contamination. I was assured that it would be handled. It was not. I then contacted Hurdle and made my concerns known to them as well. After realizing that nothing was going to be done I demanded that my land deposit to Hurdle be transferred to another piece of property down the road. Being much wiser the second time around I hired a company to test the new property before I signed the papers. I was shocked to learn that the second property, which totaled two adjoining lots equaling over ten acres did not pass a perk test and that there was no way to build on the whole lot. It was useless and unbuildable land. I again made Hurdle aware of this situation. I could have done what others in the county are getting away with I guess and built the place illegally but for those of us who choose to follow the law and live decently, there was no option. In January I was shocked to receive a call out of the blue from the office of Shane and Brad after not hearing from anyone from September till January. In that call I was told that the problem had been taken care of and that the landowner of the above property had been made to remove the illegal , man-made septic system and bring the house up to code or it would be condemned. That was not true. It sits now as it did when I first made contact in September and is still being lived in. Right now we have chosen not to reside in Jasper county at all as we have no trust in the officials in charge to make sure that the laws are upheld by everyone for the safety of the landowners. we are out a lot of money as Hurdle never returned our deposit or payments despite the saved emails, phone call records and the Findings of the company regarding the perk test. A company that was referred to me by Jasper county. At this time Hurdle has hundreds of properties in Jasper county and it seems like a great deal for people who are in need of land but otherwise can not buy it do to credit or large down payments. IT IS NOT. If you are thinking of using Hurdle Land and Realty or building in Jasper County please beware. The laws seem to be enforced for some and not for others.


Code Enforcement is important and there are several agencies that should be working together to make sure there is actually enforcement—Code Enforcement, Health Department, and Sheriff’s Department.  By working together, they could make a difference.



 Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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  1. Only A Fool says:

    “If you want rural water system then the county needs to install those.
    If an area won’t pass perk test then the county is obligated to install a community sewer collection system
    You see that’s the function. Of our local government.”

    Pure crap. The function of local government is not to make your land fit your needs .CAVEAT EMPTOR.. The government is not responsible for your actions, your choices , or your life. Accept it. It’s reality .If you need a nanny to manage your life, please go to another county. Jasper has enough fools getting a vote already. We don’t need more.

  2. Rickie Walker says:

    The people running our co. are a joke.

  3. Oconeejack says:

    I agree with the soil analysis.
    Jordan engineering does an honest job.
    On my place we had to test 23 spots.
    Yes we found a site that would work.
    Those tests should be mandatory before aNY land can be listed
    As far as the othe things you talked about that is the responsibility of law enforcement
    If you know method is being made by your neighbor then you havery an obligation to call law enforcement.
    If land is zoned ag then it has to be ag.
    Yes a tree farm is ag.
    Only things that wouldn’t be ag would be things like salvage yards trash burial sites. Waste disposal sites.
    Yes those should be regulated.
    But living in a tent a cabin or a cam per or treehouse should not be regulated.
    If you want rural water system then the county needs to install those.
    If an area won’t pass perk test then the county is obligated to install a community sewer collection system
    You see that’s the function. Of our local government.
    I think code enforcement has really improved since Brawley and degges got caught.
    That’s why those kind of theft happen
    If you give someone a badge and they are not legal constitutionally delegated law enforcement then that is a violation of our rights.

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