April 7, 2017

Haystack Wings & Thangz was turned down for an alcohol licenses for the 4th time by a vote of 4-1 at the 4/3/17 BOC meeting.  Comm. Henry and Comm. Luke requested that citizen comments be moved to the beginning of the meeting so people could speak for or against the licensing since no public hearing was called.  The other commissioners agreed to allow it.  All that spoke, spoke against the alcohol license.


Sherry Braley was finally sentenced for “theft by taking” in her theft of $22,878.48 of county funds from 2013-2015, while she was over Planning & Zoning, Code Enforcement, and Animal Control.  Unfortunately, the $32,000 the taxpayers paid for the “forensic audit” did not even include the absconded funds from Animal Control.  Braley’s sentence includes confinement of 150-180 days in a detention center, 100 hours of community service, payment of a $2000 fine, and payment of restitution to the county.  She also will have 10 years of probation.  We are waiting to see how much if any of the money she stole will be paid back.  The taxpayers had almost $23,000 stolen from them, paid another $32,000 for an audit, had to pay for a public defender and court costs, and watched as the BOC allowed Braley to get raises and rarely come to work for a year while being paid.  Cost to the taxpayers, close to $100,000.


The now former Recreation Director, Erin Roper, resigned on March 17th.  There has been an ad in the local paper for a new director.  No one is talking about what happened.


After more than 4 months,  Shane Sealy presented a fine schedule to the BOC
for county code violations—like trash, noise, zoning, etc.  We can’t quite figure out why it took so long since the schedule was an entire 4 lines.  Well, really 5 lines, but the 4th and 5th were the same.  The fines are as follows:

 First Offense = $300;
Second Offense = $600;
Third Offense = $1000 plus probation;
Fourth Offense = $1000 and Jail Time (up to 180 days); Fifth Offense and beyond = $1000 and Jail Time (up to 180 days).

Now the key is ENFORCEMENT, which has been sorely lacking! 


Your comments are encouraged and appreciated.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.


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7 Responses to IN CASE YOU MISSED IT—

  1. Don't do it says:

    I am glad that the alcohol license was denied.

    A restaurant that specializes in wings, that the whole family could enjoy, is something that I support.

    It’s the Thangz that is troublesome. What could go wrong with a place that offers a bar, boom boom music and tattoos?

    There are other counties that might be hospitable to the Thangz. Jasper is the wrong place.

  2. Show me the money says:

    How much time does Ms. Braley have to make restitution?

    Ostensibly she has no money, thus the public defender.

    It seems to me that the county will never see the money.

    • Another failure of the BOC... says:

      I’m still shocked it has taken 2 years for indictment! The GBI and forensic audit should have been enough evidence. TWG please keep us posted!

  3. Oconeejack says:

    When I first got here the corruption in the code enforcement was so bad it sickened me.
    Now since Mr sealy took over it is 100 percent improved.
    As proper owners we have rights also.
    After all it is my property.
    What gives the county the tight to determine what I can do.
    If that’s how it is then Jasper county needs to buy all the land in this county then they can do what they want.
    Look people I’ve owned property is four states and numerous counties. Dealt with all classes of planNing and zoning.
    This was by far the most invasive and anti progress of anywhere I have been.
    Now since degges and brahley are gone the planning and zoning is becoming human.
    Jasper county can turn the corner it only takes an effort and a progressive

  4. So They Say says:

    At one point there was talk amongst the Commissioners that the Braley embezzle was nothing the taxpayers should fret over since insurance would cover the loss. Does anyone know if this is true or simply more gaseous wind emanating from the county’s biggest producers of noxious noise.

    • taxdogs says:

      From what we can tell from the record, the forensic audit was sent to the county’s insurance company. The most the county could recoup it seems would be the $22,000.

      • SoThey Say says:

        As expected, just more hot air.Well at least they’re consistent with the half-truths. THANKS.

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