May 14, 2017

Obviously taxpayers in Jasper County are not excited about seeing county employees buying lottery tickets or going to Walmart while on the county time clock.  We received this picture earlier today.

Today, Mother’s Day, 12:30PM, Covington, GA

EMS Director, Chris Finch, has just gotten the BOC to buy another ambulance.  He needs to make sure they are available to the citizens when needed, and not being used for personal errands.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.


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  1. Beth Ann says:

    I have read the replies and wonder why all the excuses. I love and respect our public safety they do, a job that most can’t or won’t do and they will never be paid what they are worth not Fireman, Police, EMS or Dispatchers.
    I am sure they get hungry or thirsty maybe they have to go the bathroom, but lets remember one
    thing they are being paid to do a service for the county. They agreed to 24 hr shifts they agreed to their pay and they are professionals, in return they should represent themselves as such, which means being prepared for work. Monticello has a grocery store where if a call came out they could respond in a timely fashion, there is a new family dollar less than a mile from the lake station also they have subway, pizza at Larry’s, is it the citizens fault they didn’t come prepared? With a county as large as Jasper County and only two Ambulances how can you justify a ambulance sitting at Wal-Mart. The lines in Wal-Mart are always long or the machines needs a manager to push a button you never know how long it’s going to take, that would never fly in other departments that hold the employee’s responsible for their actions. Stop trying to make excuses, you want to sit down and eat do it in the county that is paying for you to be there. You need toothpaste go to family dollar, you need medication go to CVS or Monticello drug. Parking in the fire lane well that was laziness.
    If my memory serves me right this is not the first time Jasper county has been caught outside the county shopping or eating at restaurants. The simple truth is it’s very disrespectful to the people paying your salary.

  2. What the .... says:

    Geez freaking Louise!!! And they plan to raise my taxes so high I will be forced to give up my home to non payment of said taxes? It is a good thing I’m not a completely crazy, because they would push me over the going postal edge! I’m just crazy enough to keep living here with all their crap!

  3. Jack Benibble says:

    At time being on an ambulance for 24 hours you have to stop and pick up things you might need such as food, a tooth brush or whatever the crew might need. Would you have it make a quick stop and get on back or drive back into Monticello an extra 20 miles in fuel and wear and tear on the truck?

    And as far as another ambulance being purchased, they have to be replaced on occasion.

    • Is there duty to the people of Jasper County? says:

      Jack Benibble, I disagree. As a former paramedic on an ambulance in a large county, we were required to get back to the station and be ready for the next call. How would driving back to Monticello be an extra 20 miles? This is where they are stationed. If any person is Jasper County was in need of an ambulance and it was sitting in Covington, how long would it take them to respond to the call? What does the county SOP say should be done after a call? Is taking a break and going to Walmart acceptable in the SOP?

    • Dog Tired says:

      Sorry, but if you are on the ambulance for 24 hours straight, we have a huge problem. I would not want a paramedic that has not slept the past 24 hours to tend to my emergency.

      Could it be that some people get crazy overtime hours while others are hardly utilized?

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