May 28, 2017

 Interrupting a motion to accept the $10,041,274 FY18 budget, Commissioner Salmon sidetracks the board with what he suggests is a “dangerous question.”  He says he just thought of this the day before.

 Bowing to Comm. Salmon’s wishes, both the EMS director and County Manager spent a day coming up with figures.  These figures that are little more than lowball projections.

 EMS Director Chris Finch talked to the BOC about new ambulance service out of Station 7 at Farrar, with a projected cost of $304,000 per year.  This does NOT include adding on living quarters to the station or buying another ambulance.

If the ambulance idea didn’t work, Salmon and Finch had plan B ready—build a new fire station either in the Clay Road area or the Liberty Church Road area.  Salmon says the lower ISO rating would offset the tax increases.  Of course everyone in the county would pay for the tax increase, while only people within 5 miles of the fire station would get the benefit of a lower ISO rating (IF that occurred).  It is hard to understand how Jasper County has an ISO of 5 when we don’t have fire hydrants around the county.  Part of the ISO is the ability to pump water for a length of time.

Watch Finch’s comments on a new fire station starting around 18:00 in the video below.  His projections do not include land acquisition, grading, electric, etc.  Again, this is another lowball projection to try to convince the BOC to spend more money.

Projections never include cost of extra insurance, maintenance, increasing health insurance for more employees, etc.

Doug Luke questions the projections and fights hard to lower the millage rate–details in the next blog.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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  1. Just a thought says:

    How Do I Know When Salmon Has Gone Bad?

    Something Smells Fishy

    Although it may seem counter intuitive because salmon is a type of fish, if it’s still edible, it should not smell unpleasantly “fishy” in any way. Even if the fish looks good, if that salmon smells off, unusual or downright disgusting, it has expired and is no longer edible.

    Give Your Salmon the Once Over

    Inspect your salmon for any signs of visual spoilage such as mold or slimy residue on the outside of it.

    Can’t wait for Salmon’s term to be up!

  2. Not Utopia says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a fire/EMS station within 5 miles from every home? That is just not possible in a rural county with low population density.

    Jasper County has a population density of 38 per square mile. In comparison, Butts County has a population density of 128 per square mile and has 3 fire stations. Jones County has a population density of 70 per square mile and has 2 fire stations and Putnam County has a population density of 62 per square mile and has only 1 fire station.

    If that touted population explosion in Jasper County ever comes to fruition, then we may be able to afford another station. Until that happens, we need to make due with what we have.

    Just how many more tax increases can the citizens take until mass foreclosures start to happen again?

    We have to live within our means. BOC, please do the same.

    • Reality check. says:

      Your facts are not accurate. Jones county has 8 fire stations, in the county alone. That doesn’t count the city stations. Butts county has 3 in the city and at least 4 in the county. Putnam has 2 in the city and several more in the county.

      • taxdogs says:

        What are the tax rates in those three counties? Probably less than Jasper County.

      • Check again says:

        Dear Reality Check,

        Let’s have another look, shall we?

      • About that says:

        Dear check again,

        Let’s have another look shall we?

        Jones County has stations in the following areas. One in Juliette on Round Oak Juliette Rd off Hwy 11 North, One on Griswoldville Rd off Hwy 18 East, One on Gray Hwy, One on Hwy 49 South, One on Hwy 44 North, One on Hwy 22 East in Haddock, one on Upper River Rd, one in the Griswoldville Industrial Park off Hwy 57 and lastly one on Greene Settlement Rd just off Hwy 11 North. The city of gray his one inside the city limits. Also the taxes in Jones are higher.

  3. D-4s Common Core Commissioner says:

    Methinks the thing with Salmon and his incessant influx of just concocted yesterday ideas is that he wants to be remembered for something, even if that something is non-essential and cost the taxpayers rivers of red ink. His objective is he made it happen. However, I could be wrong and he’s just off his meds.

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