Comm. Doug Luke has finally joined Comm. Bruce Henry in the fight to lower the millage rate and give the property owners some relief.  He did his best and fought for the citizens the entire meeting.

 June 1, 2017

 At the last BOC meeting, Comm. Salmon made a push to add $200,000 to the budget and had EMS/Fire Director, Chris Finch, “crunch some numbers” at the last minute. (see May 28th blog)

Comm. Henry balked, Comm. Pennamon was frustrated, and Comm. Luke realized what a “heck of an increase” the proposal would be year after year for the taxpayers. Listen to the discussion and watch as Comm. Luke fights against more taxes, and Comm. Salmon pushes for increased spending.

Comm. Luke also questions how cost effective it would be to add a new station if you only had 15 or 20 calls a year for service vs. $300,000 or more in increased annual funding.

Comm. Henry and Comm. Luke both voted to approve a 15.945 millage rate.  As Comm. Luke argued for the lower millage rate and against Salmon’s proposal, he reminded all of the BOC that the numbers presented were nothing but a projected number and how fast it could grow.  Fight, Doug, Fight!


Comm. Jernigan made the motion to go with the higher 16.446 millage rate, 2nd by Comm. Pennamon.  Comm. Henry and Comm. Luke were against, and Comm. Salmon wouldn’t vote.  It appeared he was holding out hoping to get his way.  Comm. Luke said, “We have to deal with the reality we have right now.” Comm. Pennamon said the millage rate had to be settled that night.  Comm. Salmon finally voted to use the highest millage rate presented.

Until the property owners of this county start speaking up, taxes will continue to go up.  The BOC will raise our taxes 3.54% according to the 5 year history, and the School Board will raise our taxes 3.13% according to their 5 year history.  This is on top of the value increase many property owners received.

A $15,000 value increase on your home would result in a tax increase of approximately $200.  This is in addition to the tax increases over each of the past 3 years.  As long as there are no citizens at the public hearings, spending will go up and taxes will too.



Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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  1. Jasper Citizen too says:

    When you resort to name-calling all credibility is lost. I’m sure you make your family proud by defending your opinion with insults. Classy. But anyways, your very neighbors who live in the Farrar area also paid for the EMS personnel close to you, just pointing out that obvious expenditure. I’m not saying it’s an ideal plan as it was offered, I was just offering the notion that the very neighbors who have paid to provide you with service should also have even close to equal opportunity to receive the same services. I enjoy hearing other’s viewpoints and *respectfully* debating those points…apparently you only want to hear what tickles your ears.

    • Nothing Fishy Here says:

      You get what you bring. I make my family proud by not supporting ever increasing tax burdens on their private property for any reason.
      Here’s a clue. It’s called a budget. You live and operate within one don’t you? The county has to do the same.We’re a rural county with a government sustained via property tax revenue from a small population of property owners.
      If you want emergency care within a stones throw away, why don’t you move to a mega- county that can afford an EMT station on every corner?
      You feign care for your neighbor, but care nothing for those struggling with crushing property tax debt. Are the people you’re forcing out of their homes and off their property due to tax bills they can no longer afford not your neighbors too? But, all you care for is getting your needs met. That’s called selfishness… in case you didn’t know.

      • Jasper Citizen too says:

        Man your knickers are in a knot aren’t they? 1) Not selfish, I live within an 8-min response from town but have family and friends who due to their proximity and the best attempts from Fire/EMS had to wait 19 minutes. 2) Like I said previously, I’m not advocating for the initial plan and believe that the last minute “Hey guys, what do you think about adding this rather large expense?” was a bone-headed move. 3) The commissioners agreed that this is not the time to delve into this, but something in the future. 4) You don’t know me so don’t assume I’m feigning anything or not caring about someone else. I care about my bank account being healthy *as well as* my neighbors having reasonable access to emergency services when needed.
        It’s a discussion sir, not an attempt to strong-arm you into a binding agreement. I am your neighbor too (much to your chagrin I’m sure); but I am also not the enemy.
        It’s rather disappointing that folks like you can not have a discussion and bring points of view to light without angry and insulting discourse.
        I hope to see you at one or hopefully all three public hearings to discuss your concerns. They are Monday, June 12, at 9 a.m., Monday June 12, at 6 p.m., and Monday, June 19, at 6 p.m. Have a good day!! 🙂 Sincerely.

  2. RR says:

    Looks like district 3 elected a “yes” man, voting for the progressives of the County. I was afraid of that happening. I do not know Mr. Jernigan, but was very disapointed to learn that he made the motion to use the higher mill rate.

    So do we have another “big spender” on the BOC?

  3. Mr. Important says:

    You have to know Craig to understand his real purpose here. He thought by bringing up this extra spending for EMS that no one would balk. In his mind it was a slam dunk to use EMS to spend more money while trying to make himself look good.

  4. When will this end says:

    Commissioners Luke and Henry can fight all they can, but it is a losing proposing unless they can convince one more Commissioner that not raising taxes is best for all citizens.

    District 3 had a chance to elect a fiscally conservative candidate, but chose another spender instead. So here we are – more spending and higher taxes.

    Thank you Commissioner Luke and Henry for thinking about the taxpayers and going to battle for us.

  5. Nothing Fishy Here says:

    So the county taxpayers pony up several hundred thousands of dollars a year for an EMT station in Farrar,which might save homeowners there a few cents per annum on their insurance costs? OMG, what a great plan. What are we waiting on?

    • Jasper Citizen too says:

      You don’t save a “few cents per annum on their insurance costs” with an “EMT station”, you save lives! Try broadening your mindset a bit and realize that even with no traffic to get around and traveling the fastest that is also the safest, it takes the EMS crew at St. 1 or St. 3 a full 19 minutes to respond. How about instead of caring for those citizens “up there in Farrar” we just move the current station a full 19 minutes from YOUR house. You have no problem with that, right?
      FYI, a “few cents per annum” refers to the FIRE RESPONSE.

      • Are you clueless? says:

        It would take 30 minutes for EMS to get to my house, so please do move the station a full 19 minutes from my house!

      • Nothing Fishy Here says:

        Why stop there, bedwetter? Why not put an EMS station next to every taxpayers house ? You want too save lives don’t you?
        I’m not the one who proposed the purpose of the Farrar EMS station was to save money on insurance rates which could offset the hike in property tax costs.That was the genius commissioner who came up with the idea.If you have a beef with that proposal talk it over with Fishy ,or maybe even hash it out in the mirror.Whichever suits you best.
        We all have our wants, but we don’t have the right to force our neighbors to pay for them. No matter how noble the cause.

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