June 16, 2017

At the 5/25/17 BOC meeting, Salmon derailed the multi-month budget discussions and tentative approval of the budget by wanting to add several hundred thousand dollars to the budget at the last minute.  His idea was to either build another fire station or add sleeping quarters and full time EMS staff to the Farrah station.  He said this would just use the “surplus” that would be left at the end of the FY17 year.  This was his last minute idea of spending money, instead of reducing the property taxes this year.  (See more details here.)

At the 6/12/17 Public Hearing, Salmon again sabotaged the meeting by having the Extension Service/4H personnel work all day to gather quotes for a new 4H van and present them to the other BOC members.  Kacey Hall, 4H Coordinator, said she was asked to prepare these quotes for the members of the board by Comm. Salmon.

This presentation and discussion took 25 minutes of BOC time; time they were going to use to discuss 2018 SPLOST projects.

After the discussion, Comm. Salmon decided this was an emergency, no bids were needed, and tried to make a motion to buy the van.  Commissioner Pennamon stopped him and explained proper procedure to Comm. Salmon for adding emergency items to the meeting agenda.  Watch this video:

Comm. Pennamon also made it clear that he had not heard anything about this van purchase  before the presentation that night.

This is just one more example of Comm. Salmon undermining the rest of the BOC members, and making them look foolish for not knowing what is going on.  Maybe this is the only way Comm. Salmon can get the attention he seems to crave.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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  1. Randy Wyatt says:

    Farrar is spelled with an “a” not a “h”

    • Hush Hush says:

      Shhhh…Farrar with an H is an alias for a once major drug smuggling and distribution point in Jasper County. A lot of people got rich and some even became legitimate business owners and even politicians.

  2. Stop Looking For A Free Ride From The Taxpayers. says:

    Kasey Hall is in the wrong arena. She should be appealing to the BoE free rides to 4H events. The Board of Education siphons off over half of Jasper County property tax. Maybe the BoE could refrain from hiring more non-teaching staff and share a little of our tax dollars with the 4H club?

    In addition, it seems ludicrous for the county to spend 30 thousand dollars on a van that can only carry 12 passengers when two parents with SUVs can transport the same number at no cost to the taxpayers. Would that be too much of a sacrifice for parents of 4Hers? How about 4H doing a fundraiser to pay for their own van? How novel of an idea is that?
    Funny, the same people wanting the taxpayers to fund their extracurricular pleasure trips are some of the same sniveling about the how high their property taxes have become. Go figure.

  3. What Did Jasper County Do To Deserve Craig Salmon ? says:

    If Craig Salmon is a trained and certified county commissioner then watermelons grow on trees.
    ACCG owes the taxpayers of Jasper County a huge refund. Please look into getting our refund, Mike Benton and list it as an emergency item on the BoC’s next agenda.

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