June 23, 2017

Comm. Bruce Henry has twice attempted to get the rest of the BOC to go along with him and start setting money aside for capital projects, such as roads and buildings. He has advocated using the estimated $500,000+ that will not be spent in the FY17 budget (ending 6/30/17) to start the capital projects fund.

Commissioner Henry Proposes Capital Projects Fund

Rhonda Blissett, the county finance officer, has discouraged Comm. Henry’s idea both times. She wants 50% of the budget or $5,000,000 in “reserves” before funding a capital projects fund.

Commissioners Salmon and Jernigan Volcalize Opposition to Comm Henry’s Capital Fund Proposal

Not only does Comm. Salmon want the 50% reserve to be funded, but he wants money set aside for debt service (debt is something this BOC has continued to increase) before funding a capital projects fund. Isn’t it funny how he was willing to use $200,000+ on renovating and staffing a fire station with 10 minutes discussion, but doesn’t want to start funding and planning for capital improvements?

All commissioners were against Comm. Henry’s plan, and wanted to meet the $5,000,000 goal set by Ms. Blissett before funding capital improvements. However, the BOC is considering floating a $7.5M bond to fund capital projects such as $3M for an Administrative building for the Sheriff, roads, and a $2.5M building for recreation.


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3 Responses to FIGHT, BRUCE, FIGHT

  1. I like the simple life says:

    This BOC wants to spend and increase debt like Henry County.
    We are not as populated as Henry, Thank Goodness!
    We are a rural country community with limited
    Income. I’m ok with that, that is why I enjoy living here.
    If I wanted to live in a highly populated area, I would
    Move to Henry County or Atlanta. Get a grip on reality
    BOC!!!! We need to live within our means!

  2. Salmon And Jernigan Tag Team Taxpayers says:

    Why should Don Jernigan care about tax increases, he pays next to nothing anyways. The very reason he ran was because those that profit from Jasper County public debt put him up to it. He knows next to nothing about local government nor finance, yet there he sits, like a post turtle, no reason for being there and no explanation why.
    He and Silly Salmon scheming together will make the taxpayers howl.

  3. Mirror Mirror On The Square says:

    Of course, the reason Salmon wants to create a huge debt service fund is because he plans on increasing debt and for what reason may you ask? Because nothing more than attention. How soon before Fishy is proposing taxpayers fund a monument to himself on the courthouse square?

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