June 25, 2017

Prop Value Up

When property values are set, they are supposed to be substantially “uniform” with other similar properties. Are they? Why did the county properties have inflation increases when no city properties had inflation increases? What about certain commercial properties that are taxed (and have been for years) at residential rates? And what triggered the Board of Equalization chairman to suddenly add out buildings and a swimming pool to his taxable property in 2016?

One member of the Board of Assessors seems to be concerned as well. She spoke to the BOC during the public hearings on 6/19/17.

This year the City of Monticello properties had no value increases. According to the Tax Assessors, there was no inflationary growth in the City, but there was in the county. That seemed strange, so we looked into some data. We found that 48% of the qualified sales used were actually foreclosure properties; there were approximately 29 of them that sold for $500 each. Using these sales as bonafide sales seems to be improper and would result in incorrect values to other properties.

The “Edward Jones” office building, formerly owned by Susan Holmes and now owned by a family member, has been commercial property for 10 years or more. According to the property record, it has never been taxed as commercial property, but gets a tax break as residential property.

How many years has the Board of Equalization chairman gotten to pay less tax by not having his pool and several out buildings on his property card? How did they suddenly become taxable in 2016? When someone can sit on a board and decide if your values are correct, and not report their own property correctly, there is a problem.

Commissioner Bruce Henry queried the BOC if whether reviewing the county tax digest is something the Commissioners want to look into. Commissioner Luke says property owners in Jasper county are disproportionally taxed and the tax assessors’ office should set property values by either comparable sales or inflation, not both.

Citizens become disillusioned with the system when they see themselves paying more property taxes while others are getting a big break.


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  1. Get real says:

    The commissioners may not be able to do anything about the assessments, but they can roll back the millage rate to bring back the property taxes owed to what they were last year.

    That idea does not sit well with most of the commissioners. It is easier to blame the assessors than to admit they want more tax money to fund the various pet projects

    • Make Jasper County Tax Assessors Honest Again says:

      Regardless, there is simply no excuse for tax assessors to over-inflate the value of the majority of Jasper County residential property while a select group enjoys special tax breaks at the expense of everyone else. Hopefully the Ga Department of Revenue can step in and help the taxpayers to allow a fair and equable tax system to flourish again.

  2. Justice For Abused Property Owners says:

    Have the taxpayers of Jasper County considered bringing a class action lawsuit against the Tax Assessor’ s office ? If not, now would be a good time.

  3. Homeowners Deserve A Fair Appeal Process says:

    In light of the revelation that much of Jasper County residential property is grossly overvalued, it is only fair to the taxpayers of Jasper County that the Tax Assessors office reopen the tax appeal process to allow homeowners not satisfied with their property to have another chance to appeal their property values. Many people were unhappy with their recent property value hikes, but thought the process too rigged to bother with an appeal.. And, they were right.

    The Tax Assessors office should start looking for fresh Board of Equalization members as well. . The credibility of the sitting board has been tainted by the Chairman to the point that that no one could be expected to trust the judges with anything short of a take-out order, and even then, maybe not so much.

  4. sick & tired says:

    See what other nearby counties pay .Jasper Co. taxes are killing us.

  5. Will Ignorance Is Unbecoming says:

    How is is that this silly cucked junior lawyer still has a job ? Two to three says we can find a one that respects the interests of the taxpayers more so than those of the controlling few.

    It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it. Upton Sinclair
    Read more at:

  6. Judge Not Lest says:

    It’s is entirely understandable that someone frustrated with an unfair system of taxation would attempt to reduce their tax bill by skirting tax laws anyway they can, but to do so while setting yourself up to judge others who appeal their property taxes is just plain disgusting. Apparently, someone skipped the most important Sunday school lesson of all.

  7. Fair Value Is Code For You Pay More So Cronies Don't Have To says:

    Thank you Mary Alice Carter for having the courage to come forward and speak the truth. It has been a long time coming.
    Instead of property values uniformly set, what we are seeing in Jasper County are overinflated property values borne by a majority of nobodies so a minority of Jasper County elites can enjoy lower value property rates at our expense.

    Mary Alice Carter is right to call for an audit of Jasper County’s tax digest, but more is needed. The farce Lynn Bentley likes to call Fair Market Value has gone on for long enough. You can bet your overtaxed derrière that the board chairman’s property is not the only property that the tax assessor’s office is undervaluing. If there is one undervalued, there are two and if there are two….
    How much tax revenue has Jasper County lost because of rampant cronyism run amok in the tax assessor’s office?

    In concert with a State administered tax audit, Jasper County needs an independent reassessment of all Jasper County property. For those who built without obtaining a permit perhaps a thirty-day grace period could be granted wherein those that come in and voluntarily report tax free property could forego a fine and have that unpermitted property recorded for valuation in the coming fiscal year.

    Whatever comes of this bombshell of investigative reporting TWG has dropped, one thing is certain , the truth is finally out. Jasper County property is not valued FAIRLY and never has been.

  8. Oconeejack says:

    Tell me where they properties are that sold so high as to cause mine to go up

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