Whu d’ya have? Buildings or roads? 25 years of debt?  It is up to you!

July 17, 2017

Commissioners complain about not being able to pave roads because they don’t have enough money.   And, according to Comm. Pennamon, the Public Works crew does not have enough vehicles to get everyone to their respective work areas.

But what are the priorities of the BOC?

Building more buildings—big buildings –multi-million dollar buildings—for Recreation and for Administrative offices, training rooms, and a fitness and locker room for the Sheriff’s department.

A new Public Works building has been talked about a long time, and $300,000 was set aside sometime around 2011.  However, this project has been scratched from the SPLOST list. 

Public Works is using the old work camp/jail as offices.  It is probably 50 years old or older:

Public Works uses a building that is falling in (among other problems) to work on equipment:

But the Jasper County BOC’s priorities are $2.5M for a Rec building, $2.5M for administrative addition at the Sheriff’s office, and $2.5M for roads (that will give you about 5 miles of roads).  And to accomplish this, they want you to vote in a 25 year bond.  Will your road be one of the 5 miles paved when you are asked to vote for a $7.5M bond debt of 25 years?

Watch Comm. Luke tell the public why roads can’t get paved—it costs about $500,000 per 1/2 mile—

Watch Comm. Pennamon ask the Sheriff if he can let Public Works have one of his old, out of service cars so everyone at Public Works can get to their work area in the county—

Priorities, priorities.  What is really important to the people of Jasper County?  You have a chance to say at 3 public hearings—each one at 6:00PM.
            Thursday, July 20
            Monday, July 24
            Thursday, July 27


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.


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  1. High time for fiscal responsibility says:

    I am dismayed that our commissioners are even entertaining the idea of borrowing $7.5 million.

    Just think about the interest we will be paying on $7.5 million over 25 years. How many roads could be maintained or paved with the interest alone?

    Long terms debts are chocking the life out of the county. Ever increasing property taxes is not conducive to population growth.

  2. Wasteful Spending says:

    We have no money to maintain the roads or fix potholes. Therefore, there is no money for paving dirt roads….understood.

    The commissioners want to borrow $7.5 million for buildings. Buildings that will cost more taxpayer funds for utilities, maintenance, insurance, staffing, not to mention furniture and equipment? Now that I cannot understand.

    All the while, the paved roads not only have potholes, but many are crumbling.

    A county that has a budget of $100 million might do ok with borrowing $7.5 million, but Jasper County has an annual budget of $10 million. What is the BOC thinking??

  3. The Stupid Is Strong In This One says:

    My God, fitness rooms for the Sheriff Department ? Since when are taxpayers responsible for deputies’ fitness? Do we provide taxpayers funded diet plans, too ?
    Here is a little known secret. The path to fitness is easy. Stop eating crap, and get off your big butt and get some exercise. Anyone can do it. And at no cost to any taxpayer. Problem solved and money saved that can now go to repairing my damn pothole infested road. You are welcome.

    • Lay off dem Larry's biscuits boys!...... says:

      Heck NO to fitness rooms for Sheriff’s Department! Have them jog down some of well maintained roads!!

    • Our Sheriff's Deputies Want to Look Like Arnold Schwarzenegger on Your Dime says:

      It is shameful for the sheriff and his deputies to expect the taxpayers to pay for their workout facilities. The road in front of my house is literally crumbling. Yet our commissioners in their infinite wisdom refuse to make roads a priority. The sheriff’s deputies should do what I did—-purchase weights and workout bench with my own money. But no, they expect the taxpayers to purchase their equipment and facilities. The commissioners supporting such foolishness have no respect for the taxpayers and have no sense of where the priorities should be.

      • Words of Wisdom says:

        One man alone can be pretty dumb sometimes, but for real bona fide stupidity there aint nothing can beat teamwork – Edward Paul Abbey

      • Free Fitness Rooms For Everyone says:

        Will fitness rooms be built in the court house, fire departments and other county facilities as well, or is this taxpayer funded fitness perk merely for the Sheriff’s Department alone?
        Lord knows a couple of our generously portioned commissioners could use some gym time too.

  4. Where Would The County Be Without TWG ? says:

    Thank God, we have TWG keeping the taxpayers informed with video and citizen journalism, otherwise the people of Jasper County would have no source for real news on what is going in county government.
    Keep up the good work TWG and thanks for all the dedication to getting out the truth about how reckless our county government is when it comes to spending the taxpayers’ money.
    It’s all fun and games until the county is bankrupt and the roads and bridges are impassable.

  5. Oconeejack says:

    Been to public hearings in this county. Might as well talk to that unpaved road.
    It’d be a politics as usual type of meeting.
    They the political we just the peon
    All meetings should be public.

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