Chairman Pennamon wants TWG Chair Mary Patrick to Become a Political “Asset” for the Board of Commissioners

August 1, 2017

Last night Comm. Pennamon could not stand it that Mary Patrick thanked Comm. Bruce Henry for sticking in there and pushing (over 3 or 4 meetings) to cut the SPLOST projects and the corresponding debt. 

 It seems what Comm. Pennamon was really upset about was the TWG report of him and Comm. Jernigan tag-teaming Comm. Henry in a previous meeting for trying to make cuts and the TWG  report of Comm. Pennamon suggesting a financial advisor to help them fund the $8.2M in SPLOST debt.  He questioned Ms. Patrick about both of those before the meeting.

Comm. Pennamon asked that Mary Patrick put the above video up on the blog.  Was he “encouraging” her to report things the way he wanted instead of what really goes on in the meetings when he spoke to her?  

 Pennamon said he wanted her to “get it and get it right.”  That is the exact reason we put up videos, because it seems the BOC can’t remember what they say during a meeting.  Without the videos, how much would they deny to the public and how much would they hide from the public?



Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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8 Responses to Chairman Pennamon wants TWG Chair Mary Patrick to Become a Political “Asset” for the Board of Commissioners

  1. Asset Management says:

    Commissioner Pennamon said that Mary could be really a bid asset to the county.

    Well, you ARE an asset to the taxpayers.

    It is too bad that the commissioner views that as mutually exclusive.

    Please continue to be an asset to the citizens.

  2. Where Would Jasper County Be Without TWG ? says:

    Who are these “others” also against Mary Patrick that Commissioner Pennamon speaks of, his 7th grade junior high school class? How old is Carl Pennamon, 13?

    The only people I think strange –as in incorrigible corrupt- are those that mislead the people of Jasper County in order to further their selfish agendas. You know who you are.

    Thanks for all you and TWG do, Mary. Without your selfless dedication to keeping the taxpayers of Jasper County informed, there would be no news source for real news concerning the people’s business.

  3. lillypond says:

    thank you Mary for going above and beyond to keep us informed.

  4. Not everyone is the same says:

    Don’t worry. I am not one that will “look at you kind of strange” when you applaud a commissioner for doing good job.

  5. The truth will set you free says:

    Thank you TWG for reporting accurately what is happening at the meetings.

    When I want to know what the fact are, I read TWG’s blog.

    When I want a white-washed version, I read the local paper.

  6. Bruce Henry is THE MAN!!!! says:

    Thank you so much commissioner Henry for watching out for the taxpayers of Jasper county. I wish all the commissioners were more fiscally responsible.

  7. The great phenomenon says:

    You must due what the great phenomenon wants. He is the ruler of all assets. Except comm Henry. Keep up the good work Henry. Keep reporting as it is Mary. VOTE NO ON THE SPLOST. No more TAXES

  8. Thomas Raines says:

    keep up the good reporting Mary… We depend on you.

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