August 8, 2017

After Comm. Pennamon went over the new list of SPLOST projects—

$2,250,000 for the Sheriff’s offices, $2,250,000 for Roads, and $1,700,000 for a Recreation building —

Comm. Salmon asked where the $2M the BOC agreed to cut was going to come from for the projects dropped from SPLOST.  He pushed to have the debt back up to $8.2M(See items cut here)

Comm. Pennamon informed Comm. Salmon that the BOC didn’t say when they were going to purchase or fund the $2M of projects cut.  Comm. Pennamon did say that those projects would be funded by using fund balance over future years.

Comm. Salmon wasn’t satisfied with that and went into his usual speech about fund balance.  Comm. Pennamon pushed the BOC to get the amount of the debt borrowing (bonds) settled with a vote.  He said the continued back and forth discussion was “going to confuse the general public.”

After the 4 to 1 vote with Comm. Salmon against, the BOC has decided to borrow $6.2M, knowing only $3.9M of revenue will be coming in.  The citizens will have an opportunity to vote YES or NO on this in November.  The projects will be presented as above; however, the SPLOST vote is about adding $6.2M of debt on top of our ever increasing property taxes instead of paying for things as money comes in.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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3 Responses to COMM. SALMON WANTS SPLOST DEBT BACK TO $8,200,000

  1. What's more important? says:

    The previous SPLOSTs contained money for a new ambulance, a fire truck, vehicles for the sheriff, as well as a little money for the animal shelter, senior center and the library.

    This new proposed SPLOST (with debt) does not fund any of these services.

    Apparently, new facilities take priority.

  2. It's Not All About You , Mr Salmon says:

    Where will the 2 million in debt you incessantly insist on spending come from Mr. Salmon? The same source all public spending comes from, the taxpayers of course.
    Did you truly not know this or are you too busy publicly parading your giant ego to openly acknowledge where all the money you so frivolously scam from the people of Jasper County actually comes from?
    How you ever came to be on the Board of Commissioners is as bewildering as the question of life itself. You are a conundrum wrapped in hubris blinded by ignorance Could please just do your job and serve the people of Jasper County for once instead trying get yourself a monument on the square by spending every dime of future taxpayer revenue before it’s even earned?

  3. Disgusted Jasper Resident says:

    I think we need to vote out the BOC in November. That’s bound to save this county plenty of money. The new BOC might actually talk to the citizens and find out what they really want to fund with the SPLOST.

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