August 10, 2017

The public hearing Monday night (8/7/17) concerning the zoning exception for the Key Estate property showed that the citizens are anticipating what may happen, and some asked that the BOC put stipulations in place to keep it from happening.

Mr. Burch, who lives on Eagle Dr., told the BOC that those developing the property should be required to use the subdivision roads because Eagle Dr. was in such bad shape already.

Mr. Domine, who lives on Ski Cove, asked if the variances were already written.  Then he questioned what would be voted on.  In particular, he wanted to know if this variance would be allowed to be passed on to another developer, and if that was the case, another developer could develop the conventional subdivision anyway they wanted.  Watch this very informative discussion.

Questions from citizens about development that need answers, but county attorney must research

The county attorney’s answer was he would have to research a special condition to a special exception.

John Snow, one of the developers, told the BOC that clear cutting could not be regulated.  Comm. Pennamon wasn’t so sure about that. 

Comm. Salmon asked about Eagle Dr.  Mr. Snow said it would be a “secondary entrance” for the subdivision and there would be a back gate at the entrance on Eagle Dr.

Comm. Pennamon asked if the developers would maintain Eagle Dr. during development.  The developer hedged, saying no one could tell what harm they would do to the road, and would not commit to maintaining it or fixing it. 

Mr. Burch then informed the BOC that there is no way to access the lots on that side of the property except through Eagle Dr.  Mr. Snow still would not commit to maintaining Eagle Dr. and said he may have to redraw the layout of the roads on the plat.  Watch this video where the BOC ask the hard questions.

Questions from BOC and “answers” from developer about Eagle Dr. and the use of that road during development. 

The developers have made promises that the citizens of the county as well as the BOC need to remember.  #1 is –in the future this development’s roads will be maintained by the HOA of subdivision—not the County

The final hearing and the decision by the BOC on this proposal (The Peninsula at Lake Jackson) will be held August 28, 2017 at 6:00PM.  The place has not been posted, but most likely it will be in the small courtroom upstairs in the courthouse.  Before that time, you can email any or all of the commissioners and let them know your thoughts and any concerns.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.


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  1. Don't Buy Another Pig In A Poke says:

    No curbs . No gutters. No storm drains. Bare minimum road construction. Individual septic systems, 1-acre lots.. If this is premiere development them every subdivision now sitting half-empty in the county is premier development.

    Make no mistake; there is nothing special about this subdivision. The only thing this conventional development will add to Jasper County is increased borrowing and spending for schools, roads, emergency services and law enforcement.

    Funny thing, too. All the jabbering tree huggers who only a few years ago where screaming for green space preservation. Where are they now? Strangely silent.

    • Newman says:

      Please find the tree huggers!! Jackson Lake is already dangerously over populated. It is a miricle that ther has not been a horrific accident with all the uneducated boaters that flood the lake each and every weekend. If more houses crowd the banks of ski cove then it will be to narrow to ski and more boats will be forced into the already congested main body of water.

      • Where Have All The Green Spacers Gone? says:

        The Green Spacers were quite numerous back in 2009. They packed every P&Z meeting pining for new P&Z ordinance, including a ban on conventional subdivisions.
        They said they were on an important mission to curb what they called “out of control growth in Jasper County and the Board of Commissioners obliged, spending tens of thousands of our inexhaustible tax dollars to write new planning and zoning ordnance prohibiting all but conservation development in Jasper County.

        But, the weed watchers have been unnaturally quiet these past few years. Where did they go? Many no doubt, returned to taking their meds on a daily basis, while others have succumbed to the frothing delirium known as “ muh Forward ” and are now advocating the BOC spend more of our unlimited tax dollars to covert subdivision ordinance back to letting the wolves of “out of control” development run wild again. While the former are harmless albeit a little more than costly to appease, the latter are a menace to the inherent common sense held by the community at large. If you see one these confused flip-floppers approaching your home. Go back inside, pull the shades down tight and whatever happens, do not answer the door. The money-backed influence of this devious group of agenda driven sociopaths has the power to destroy entire communities using little more than the false promise of “muh tax revenue.” Never listen to their siren song of “muh county gots to grow”…never. Not even for a minute, upon pain of death.

  2. William Arnold says:

    Will anything be done to improve Jackson lake Rd? This road is dangerous enough without 200 more vehicles. With 18 wheelers, fast speeds by idiots who can’t maintain their lanes. No or old signage. To many wrecks on this road already.

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