Special Exception Zoning For Conventional Subdivision Passes 4 to 1, with Doug Luke against.  Many requirements in ordinance ignored.

 August 31, 2017

A motion read by Commissioner Don Jernigan, with the stipulations written by the land salesmen—Premier Land Dev (Liquidators), allowed many requirements in the Jasper County subdivision ordinance to be ignored.  A conventional subdivision instead of the required conservation subdivision was passed 4-1, with Commissioner Luke casting the dissenting vote.  The following video shows Comm. Jernigan reading the motion and the following discussion and vote.

After Comm. Salmon already “discussed” the motion by repeating most everything on “Exhibit A”—what the land developers/salesmen agreed to do—he wanted to have one last commentSee Exhibit A here.

Comm. Pennamon was hesitant to allow continued comment after the vote, but Comm. Salmon persisted and voiced the need for subdivision zoning changes in the county zoning ordinance. It is obvious he had not read the current ordinance.

The BOC, along with the P&Z director Shane Sealy, approved a stipulation that Premier Land—John Snow and Jim Deal—would put up a measly $15,000 bond to cover any damage to Eagle Dr.  However, what does the current development ordinance say?

Sec. 105-222. – Improvements to existing streets and rights-of-way for subdivisions.

(a)Existing unpaved road. Any unpaved road upon which a subdivision has frontage and/or access shall be paved and widened, according to the functional class of the road, as set forth in Table 105-221.1 along the frontage of the subdivision to the nearest intersection with a paved county road. The minimum right-of-way required according to Table 105-221.1 shall be dedicated along the entire frontage of the subdivision.

(b)Existing paved road. Any existing paved county road upon which a subdivision has frontage and/or access and which is deficient relative to county specifications (see Tables 105-221.1 and 105-221.2) shall be resurfaced and widened as determined by the county department of transportation for the entire frontage of the subdivision. The minimum right-of-way required according to Table 105-221.1 shall be dedicated along the entire frontage of the subdivision.

The Jasper County Development ordinance says that Eagle Dr. must be brought up to county standards, resurfaced and widened-by the developer.  This is not a special stipulation; it is what is REQUIRED.  Now we will get to see if the P&Z Director does his job and has the developer follow the rules—which they should have read beforehand as well.

 Additionally, the BOC allowed the developers to say they would conduct a “traffic study” to determine if an acceleration/deceleration lane was needed.  What does the current development ordinance say?

Sec. 105-220. – Design and construction standards for streets. Additional street system requirements for major subdivisions.

(1)Private streets are permissible where access to subdivisions is limited.
(2)Subdivisions that adjoin existing streets shall dedicate additional right-of-way if needed to meet the minimum street right-of-way requirements.
(3)Half streets shall be prohibited except where essential to the reasonable development of the subdivision.
(4)Where it is determined to be practical to require the dedication of the additional half when adjoining property is subdivided, the other half of the street shall be platted to create a full width right-of-way serving the adjoining tracts of land.

(5)Any subdivision shall provide lanes for acceleration/deceleration, ingress, and egress, according to Table 105-220.2. Any subdivision on a state highway or arterial road (as shown in the current comprehensive plan) shall provide lanes for acceleration/deceleration, ingress, and egress regardless of traffic counts. Design requirements of the state department of transportation shall be met.

Table 105-220.2 Minimum Volumes Requiring Right Turn Lanes

Lanes on Main Road
40 MPH or less Greater than 40 MPH
Estimated traffic volume 2,000 1,000
Daily right turning volume 75 40

The Jasper County Development ordinance says an acceleration/deceleration lane SHALL BE provided, not a study to see if the developer will determine if he has to do so. 

We are sure that Jackson Lake Road meets all these standards, including more than 1,000 cars per day at the proposed entrance to the subdivision.  A center turning lane should also be required to prevent accidents in the curve near the proposed entrance.

The purpose of county laws and ordinances is to protect the people already living here, while having the county develop in the way the people want it to.  There was approximately $100,000 paid by county taxpayers to the company that did the new zoning and development ordinances in 2007-2008.  You would hope that the BOC would read it, try to understand it, ask questions, and make sure the P&Z director and county attorney did the same.

We will be watching to see which rules are adhered to and which are ignored as “The Peninsula at Jackson Lake” begins to develop.  What is allowed will determine how future subdivisions will be developed in the county.



Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.


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  1. Don't count the chickens..... says:

    The minute the developer said that a conservation subdivision was not going to work for them, I knew which way the commissioners were going to vote.

    When they see potential dollar signs, they are all in.

    Having said that, the property is zoned residential and it can and will be developed sooner or later.

    I would like to caution the commissioners not to start spending or relying on the additional taxes that this development would bring just yet.

    The developer may have realized that the lots might not sell like hotcakes and amended their intent to allow for development in two phases.

    We recently received a flyer for lakefront liquidation on Lake Oconee with Lake Lots up to 11 acres with free boat slips.

    Given the high taxes that Jasper County has, and Lake Oconee offers great schools, golf, shopping etc. the building on the lots at the Peninsula at Jackson Lake might be slow going for some time.

  2. Watching with despair says:

    It appears that BOC and PandZ repeatedly vote for and support issues that are NOT in the best interest of the county and it’s citizens. This opens the door for greedy developers that don’t give a …darn about Jasper County. Watch your property value swirl the drain.

  3. P&Z is a Joke .Shut It Down says:

    If the Board of Commissioners can be so easily influenced to grant zoning exceptions for special interests, why even bother with the time and huge taxpayer expense it takes to write and administer zoning ordnance? As always, some in Jasper County are more equal than others.

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