How about a wild weekend party with loud music into the night on the 30 acres next door to where you live? Or what about all weekend motocross race with the sound of 500 2-stroke engines whining all day long on your stretch of quiet road?  These, and other “events”, will be required to have a special event permit before long.

September 5, 2017

A “Public Hearing” ad in the 8/31/17 Monticello News, lists a special hearing for a Special Event Permit on 9/11/17 at the BOC meeting.  The only problem is, this new permit has never gone before the Planning & Zoning Board for a hearing.  Additionally, there is NO Special Event ordinance in the Jasper County code of ordinances.

Motocross racing? 
This past February people, farm animals, and wildlife that live on and near Millen Road (off Hwy 212 W) were about to get a rude awakening from a weekend of motorcycle racing.  This event was planned without warning or notice to the public and even encouraged by the Monticello-Jasper County Chamber of Commerce.  If it were not for persistent questions as to the legality of this race in an AG district by citizens, it would have happened without a peep from our BOC.  This event would have involved keeping our ambulance(s), deputies, and other emergency personnel on site. 


The continued use of Bennett Cove as a venue has been repeatedly questioned. Any “event” use is in violation of the Agriculture zoning.  Bennett Cove is still advertised on the internet as a get-away, a bed & breakfast, and a wedding venue.  Four or five full trash cans can be seen sitting on the road outside the gates after a weekend “event.”  Why would they need a permit, when they can and have been doing what they want without any type of permit or any consequences for violating the laws?

The public hearing for the Special Event Permit has been delayed according to Shane Sealy, P&Z director.  However, when there is a hearing, your voice needs to be heard.  There can be no special event permit until the BOC has public hearings and approves a Special Event Ordinance. 

People have moved here and live here in Jasper County for peace and quiet; they will need to step up and voice their opinion on this proposal.  It is our opinion that people that have been living here and their quality of life is more important than special events that disrupt their peace and quiet and upset their animals to bring in a few “tourist dollars” for a weekend.

 Put yourself into one or both of these situations— a wild weekend party with loud music into the night next door to where you live.  Or an all weekend motocross race with the sound of 500 2-stroke engines whining all day long.  Think about how this could affect you.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.




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  1. no more taxes says:

    maybe if those same shady county officials and elected representatives didn’t hike our property taxes every year, a guy wouldn’t have to resort to leasing his beautiful rural home or land for financial gain in the first place. if we want our county to stay free from commercial enterprise such as these, we have to get rid of these money hungry politicians.

  2. No consequences says:

    A special use permit would lead to a business license, which then lead to having to collect taxes and pay said taxes. It would require a fire marshal inspection and rules as to maximum occupancy and so on.

    That seems a lot of trouble to go through when one can just continue to operate with impunity. It has worked for years and will most likely continue.

    Jasper County, where rules are applied selectively.

  3. Watching with despair says:

    This is a county that malfunctions while it thumbs it’s nose at its citizens. For example, Bennett Cove continues to function illegally. The owner was supposedly given numerous citations by Code Enforcement. Court cases were bounced back and forth between superior court/jury trial per owner’s request. Finally and apparently all citations were dropped, but what really happened seems to be a big secret. Wonder who swept that under the rug????
    Now, someone has turned agricultural property into a dirt bike business so the neighbors can listen to that (who gave him a business license??). So now we can allow big, noisy events at the suffering of the neighborhood. And they are going to bring how many cars in on a dirt road that public works will never maintain. PnZ and BOC should be fired and voted out.

  4. The Jasper County Way says:

    The law in Jasper County is a two-tier system. One for the ins and anther for the outs. Special events are only special events when the P&Z director recognizes them as such .We are not a county of laws, but entirely ruled by special interests. Isn’t it obvious?

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