September 7, 2017

You gotta be kiddin’, right?  Code Enforcement cannot (or will not) enforce the codes in the County.  Why would the BOC consider providing code enforcement to the City of Monticello?

 If this proposal is anything like the last one the City suggested, it will involve the City paying the County for the services.  Why doesn’t the City just hire a code enforcement officer to handle their own problems?  If the County code enforcement starts to “help” in the city, it will soon become a full time job and the county will either have NO services at all or have to hire someone else to work in the county. 

 Jasper County has some of the SAME problems and EYESORES that have been around for 5 or more years, and nothing has been done. 

Such as Edison St.

or the junkyard on Edwards Road

 Why not clean up the county before providing services to the City?  Cities are supposed to provide their own services to their residents—that’s why they are cities.

 Jasper County residents are now paying about 2 mils a year more in taxes to provide special 24/7 Sheriff services to the City of Monticello.  Oh, yes, we understand that the City residents pay County taxes, too, but the county residents do NOT have a special precinct with deputies dedicated to a 2 square mile area 24/7 where they live. 


It seems that this is just one more step toward City-County ConsolidationThe City is planning to borrow unknown millions from the USDA for their mega-site, but they can’t afford to hire a code enforcement officer?  With City-County Consolidation, the county taxpayers will get to pay for all that debt, too! 

 Call your BOC members and tell them to vote against this proposal Monday night, September 11th (6:00PM at the courthouse). 

 Commissioner Contact information—click link for email and telephone number:

District 1 – Carl Pennamon 
District 2 – Bruce Henry
District 3 – Don Jernigan
District 4 – Craig Salmon
District 5 – Doug Luke


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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  1. What's next says:

    I call this creeping divestiture. First the police department, now code enforcement. I have to wonder what will be next; Public Works perhaps?

    I am sure the city is offering the county much less than what it would cost to pay someone’s salary and benefits, including medical coverage.

    The people living within the City Limits pay a lot of taxes. Where is all that money going?

  2. The City Is A Chapter 9 Debt Disaster Chapter Waiting To Happen says:

    TWG, thanks for shining a light on this latest back door scheme to burden county taxpayers with the services of city government.
    The schemers who operate in the shadows of Jasper County government plan on slowly shifting responsibility for city services to county taxpayers, there,by default, they can accomplish their objective of consolidating county and city government. The transfer of massive debt from the independent entity Jasper County Water and Sewer Authority to the taxpayers of Jasper County was accomplished in exactly this same manner, slowly, incrementally, by stealth. Those who skulk in the shadows want this and they will pull out all stops to achieve their goal. Lying, cheating, and haranguing is how they roll. Bet on it.

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