September 17, 2017

Monday night, September 18, at 6:00PM the BOC will meet to discuss a variety of items.  Tops on the list is providing Code Enforcement to the City of Monticello.  The current P&Z Director, Shane Sealy, who is over code enforcement, has come up with a proposal and a cost to the county for providing this service for the City. 



Here is Shane Sealy’s proposal:

First, it is really hard to believe that only 20 miles per week will be driven to do code enforcement in the City.  Second, why would the County consider buying another vehicle and maintaining it to do this ‘service’?  Third, why doesn’t the City just hire someone to do the job in the first place??

Two other items on the agenda have to do with buying new 2017 vans at a cost of almost $50,000 each.

4-H wants a new 2017 E350 van that will carry 14 passengers and 1 driver at a cost of right under $45,400.  Since 4-H involves the kids in the Jasper County Schools and takes place through the schools, why is the School System not paying for this van and maintaining it?

Senior Center wants a new 2017 E450 van with a wheelchair lift that will carry 14 passengers and 1 driver at a cost slightly over $50,000.  The Senior Center is also requesting a storage building, a greenhouse, and a walking trail.

We should also hear the County Manager giving an update on the landfill fire at the meeting. 

It always benefits the citizens to attend these meetings, but if you can not, call the commissioners and let them know your thoughts on the agenda items.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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  1. Take Responsiblity For Your Kid's Transportation says:

    Need to get your kids to a 4-H event, but have no van ? Instead of beggaring the taxpayers to serve your special interests, why not pool your money and rent a van ?
    Your kids transportation to 4-H events is not the county taxpayers responsibility.
    You’re welcome.

  2. A school bus is already available says:

    4-H is a state program sponsored by UGA. For the county to support UGA with more tax dollars is ridiculous. A van for 14 kids? Why not take a school bus and have twice as many kids go on the trip?

  3. What is Shane's job? says:

    Shane Sealy should be protecting the county, not trying to cost it more money. Why is he bending over backwards to help the city when he can not seem to do his job to begin with? Look at all the code enforcement problems in the county! It is a disgrace the county pays him $50,000 when he is either clueless or incompetent.

  4. Another Back Door Done Deal says:

    Is this the same P&Z director who spent two years working with the county attorney, at untold taxpayer expense, trying to write a simple county noise ordinance? Obviously, the city has more sway with the P&Z than does the lowly taxpayer. Who da’ thunk it?

    The county will continue to absorb the incompetently ran City’s responsibility to city taxpayers until we wake up one morning and the city and county, for all intents and purposes has surreptitiously merged ,with no input from the county voters at all.

  5. Randy Wyatt says:

    The Pand Z director’s hourly rate comes out to $ 30.98 per hour. The part time worker’s hourly rate was listed at $ 13.00 per hour, but the Pand Z director’s hourly rate was not listed.

  6. Think about it says:

    Be careful with anything that is done for the senior citizens. The sheriff could very likely take it over. He doesn’t seem to really care for dogs and old folks. Just my experience. Not a Jasper County resident. I’ve just had some dealings with the sheriff.

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