September 21, 2017

Dear Watchdogs,

Even though my owner’s neighbor has called animal control, the county commissioner for my area, and the county manager, everyone either ignores the pleas for help or passes the buck.  My neighbor has been calling and emailing since August 9th.

Animal control says they are out of cat traps and has done nothing to help me.  The county commissioner ignores my friend’s calls.  I am being starved to death along with 10 other cats.  Can you get me help up here on County Line Road?  I won’t last much longer.


Starving Gray Cat

TWG received a plea for help from a county citizen after they had gone through all the government channels.  We are posting this to bring awareness to the situation.

Folks, Jasper County BOC seems to have plenty of money for any little thing that comes up and most big things, but can’t buy cat traps or much of anything else for Animal Control.  They are always in need of food, hoses, blankets, etc.  Animals are going to continue to be abused, starved, and mistreated in our county as long as the BOC does not adequately fund what is needed to do the job at Animal Control. 

Let your commissioner know your thoughts about this situation.




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  1. Truth! says:

    Mad neighbor says what my sweet concerned neighbor is not saying. This is a blighted rental / flophouse with a convicted drug dealer and all that comes with that. Pitbulls, cat,s noise, trash, Etc. The Tomcat I took in had feline leukemia; sadly he did not survive. Thankfully the other two cats I took in tested negative.

  2. Some useful information says:

    Sadly the problem is not an isolated issue. It is a result of either poor animal control ordinances or the lack of enforcing the ordinances that are in place. Having attended several of the BOC meetings, animal control is not anything that they care about unless someone raises a stink. Sadly the animals of Jasper County are poorly taken care of by the county. There is so much more that could be done to help the animals that run loose, and the animals at animal control. Going the extra mile or two doesn’t seem to be something that AC wants to put effort into because it requires a lot of energy and transparency on their part. They like staying underneath the radar so no real demands are put on them. The BOC Is too busy spending money on other things like roads, buildings, etc. to give a flip about something like animals and how their being abused, neglected, and euthanized. When it comes to the Jasper County AC, it seems everyone wants to fly under the radar. Just in case I’m wrong, here are some contacts to try.
    Fix Ga Pets-contact person Josh Weisner 470-210-7420
    This organization can offer financial assistance for AC to spay/neuter as well as work on a community outreach program for spay/neutering. Understand this will take effort and a commitment on the county law enforcement and AC.

    Best Friends Animal Society – contact person is Carrie Ducote. 470-236-1108
    This organization can provide financial assistance for spay/neutering. Requires effort to apply

    Both Petsmart and Petco give grants to AC’s for spay /neutering and shelter improvement grants. They begin their next cycle of grants the beginning of 2018. Google both for more information and instructions.

    Million Cat Challenge is a multi level program for TNR (trap, neuter, release of feral cats). Again, will take effort and commitment. Just google them to learn more.

    Science Diet provides food for very little cost (pennies on the dollar) to AC and shelters as well as free adoptions kits. Also 25% off food for shelter employees.
    Contact info
    419-737-7425 ext 1

    Last but not least, there is a new organization called Coslition of Hope for Ga Pets
    Their goal is to help small shelters implement a no kill policy. These folks are anxious to help smaller rural counties improve their animal controls.
    Contact info Lisa Barrett. 779-214-3590
    Josh Weisner 470-210-7420

    Again this will take effort and commitment

  3. Concerned Neighbor says:

    I am the neighbor that reported these cats for months to “animal control” and my county commissioner. These are “pets” not strays. And as far as them not dying in the wild, that is very innaccurate in this case. One of the very sick, skinny cats died in my woods either of malnutrition or disease. Another was fighting one of his siblings over garbage on the side of the road one day and was later dead at the end of my driveway. There are at least 10 of various ages and sizes that we have seen. Between myself and my other neighbor we have taken in 4, I can’t take anymore in. As far as feeding them all, that is a noble idea but it would be a daunting task because of the number of cats. It is also dangerous for my animals because these cats look very sick and they come and fight my cats for their food. After being told by “animal control” that they could not help because they were out of cat traps I tried to get help from other sources. This blogger and the county manager are the only people that would respond. The SPCA offered traps and food but I think the root of the problem needs to be addressed and fixed. Some of the cats were thankfully picked up after this blog posted and after speaking to the county manager. Hopefully this cycle of neglect and abuse can be stopped finally. Thank you, TPWDG.

  4. More Than Cats Welfare At Stake says:

    A major problem with irresponsible pet owners allowing any cat to roam in the wild is that they decimate small game populations. I suggest calling DNR. They’ll have traps. And no, feeding stray cats is not a responsibility of the taxpayers of Jasper County.

    Feral Cats Kill Billions of Small Critters Each Year
    A new study shows that cats—especially feral ones—kill far more birds and small mammals than scientists previously thought

    Read more:

    • Gay Morrison says:

      If they have been abandoned and are truly stray cats…yes it has become a taxpayer responsibility, unfortunately. Shouldn’t have but has. These cats appear to be owned by people that are not tending to their animals. Unfortunately that also has become a taxpayer problem and the problem needs to be addressed by our taxpayer funded animal control department. The cost should somewhat be reimbursed by the taxpayer that is at fault. A judge would have to make that determination. That does not always come out in our favor, unfortunately. Bottom line is do we educate these people and get them help to get back on track or just let it continue to grow into a bigger problem on down the road. There are steps that have to be taken folks. In the meantime the animals need help. I have yet to see many cats outside starve to death. They are quite proficient in hunting and survival. These guys probably need vet care to get up to speed health wise. Wormy cats are also very thin boney looking cats. There could also be more serious health issues that could be causing the problem. Without a vet visit the problem can not be properly diagnosed. They also need to be spayed or neutered to keep the problem from growing.
      How many cats, rough estimate, are we talking about?

  5. cheryl nowetner says:

    you would think that since this is a chance to spend money they would jump on it. It’s time our boc got their big boy pants on and took care of our county. our animal control should NEVER have to stand on street corners begging for food and supplies to run a county funded department. Let’s go commissioners and do your job or move over for someone who will

  6. Gay Morrison says:

    Are these cats feral? If they are that hungry, carriers and food should be able to get them loaded up. You don’t always need traps to catch the cat. Food, carrier and perhaps the ability to just get them in the carrier. Cats like three things in general. Quiet, slow, clean. Patience with quiet and slow and food some carriers problem solved. Now thin animal does not necessarily mean starving. Wormy or diseased can produce the starving appearance. If truly feral, then traps will need to be used. Scared is not feral. You being scared or not liking cats does not mean they are feral. Always try to just gain their trust and load them up first. Trapping is and should be last resort.

    • taxdogs says:

      Based on the information we received, they are not feral cats. The owner just doesn’t feed them or treat them properly.

      • Animal have rights!!!! says:

        Then those owners need to be reported for animal cruelty!!!! Someone please save those poor cats! I take in every stray that wanders in my yard because it’s not their fault!

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