December 1, 2017

Thank you to all the people attending the P&Z meeting last night!

Last night the P&Z Board denied the Special Events Ordinance 4-0.  (Vice-Chair Lee Holman was out of town.)  There were approximately 30 people attending, including at least two that wanted to use their land for special events.

As we understood it, the owners of the property on Millen Rd. said their property would not be used for motocross racing, but for trail riding.  Another property owner said she had bought 10 acres to use as a wedding venue.  Both were questioned by others as to why they had not checked the zoning in the county FIRST, before purchasing the land for a use that is not allowed in Agriculture zoned areas.

The ordinance seemed to be poorly written, with little thought for all the questions it generated.  

We will have video of the meeting posted in a few days.  

The BOC does NOT have the public hearing for special events posted on their agenda for Monday, December 4 at 6:00PM.  




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  1. Don’t let your guard down says:

    Be very careful as this is not over. The wonderful BOC still has the final say in all of this. Just remember this at the next election and vote for someone that has your best interest in mind and not their own agenda. These goof balls that are in charge want this to pass so please stay on top of the activities at the BOC meetings. I don’t beleive this BOC will rest till it gets what it wants. Don’t trust the P&Z director he will drive a knife straight in the middle of your back.

  2. Watching with despair says:

    Thank you P&Z board members for doing what’s right and thank you to all citizens/ property owners for making your voices heard, whether by email or in person. It obviously pays to stay alert and speak up when our laws and rights are being changed behind our backs.

  3. Contradicting statement says:

    Unless I didn’t hear him correctly, he did say it would not be used for Motorcross and then turned around and said only two or three times a year would there be motorcross on the property. Made me not trust anything he said going forward.

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