December 5, 2017

Shane Sealy, P&Z director, has been meeting with the Chamber of Commerce for 10 months to plan and/or work on the special event ordinance, but did not ask for a work session with his own P&Z board before developing an ordinance and presenting it at a public hearing.  The P&Z Board did not get a copy until Monday, only 3 days before the hearing.

Ten (10) months ago, a landowner on Millen Rd. was planning to have a motocross event on his property.  It had been planned for several months and the Chamber gave its blessing hoping to bring in TOURIST!  After speaking with Comm. Pennamon, David Dyer –Economic Development, and Pam Mayer –Chamber of Commerce in January 2017 about the event on Millen Rd., it was revealed that a county ambulance had already been requested for the event.  For some reason the P&Z director, the BOC, Economic Development, and the Chamber of Commerce were going to let the event happen without notifying neighbors or following the codes, ordinances, and laws on the books.

“We have been forced to move…from Monticello, GA ….We did everything in our power to keep the race in Monticello…”

At the public hearing last Thursday night, Tom Joye with the Chamber told how they had been working with Shane Sealy for 10 months, and how the county needed an event ordinance.  He said they had talked about a dozen different ways with Shane.  Mr. Joye lives in the north part of the county on the lake, not in the Agriculture district where these “special events” are being proposed.

It is sad when these things are worked on behind the citizens’ backs without any input from those that would be affected.  The “motocross track” is the reason the Special Events ordinance was being worked on, but none of the neighboring property owners knew about it.  It was planned so that the P&Z would hold a hearing and then immediately -4 days later- the BOC was set to hear it and vote on it.  Thankfully, enough people found out about the proposal and spoke out. 

It appears the P&Z may hold a work session and develop an ordinance—with public input.  


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.




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  1. Can someone be that dumb? says:

    Is Shane Sealy intentionally trying to sabotage our county or is he just that stupid?

  2. How Much More Can We Take? says:

    I know from experience that those who live out in the quiet countryside in Jasper County do not want a motocross event allowed in our county. A few years ago, a landowner had a motocross track on his property about 2 miles from my house in another county. Almost every Sunday afternoon all you could hear was motorbikes, making it impossible to enjoy being out in the yard. It took a long time to finally get him shut down. Unfortunately, we have rouge BOC members and others who have “the power” to make decisions, which greatly affect our quality of life. Folks, these people are not looking out for us, but for their own selfish agenda!!!!!

    • You know that’s right says:

      You are absolutely correct. We all must be diligent on keeping an eye on these folks who think they know what is best for us. We all owe a huge Thank You to Mary Patrick! She is our eyes and ears!!!

  3. Oh so that is why says:

    Well well, Mr. Silva, your first comment the other night was there was not going to be any motorcross racing taking place. Then you stated cross country racing, bicycle racing etc….then at the end you said motorcross would only be a couple of days times a year. Not a big deal. Kinda contradictory isn’t it? But now I understand. Your plan got squashed so the first statement was not inaccurate. The last statement either, if you have your way. NOT IN THE AGRICULTURE AREA OF THIS COUNTY PLEASE!! A couple of times a year is damaging and could take until right before the next one to recover. You are a selfish and uncaring person to think it is a travesty, just because you do not understand the kind of damage you can cause for folks for miles around your noisy motorcross racing in an agricultural district.

  4. Watching with despair says:

    And so, Mr Silva, how do your 1or 2 “events” bring more revenue to the county? By selling more 30 packs of Bud Lite at Larry’s?? Seems you would be the one to mostly benefit. We might be country but we ain’t stupid. We are used to P&Z director going behind our backs and have been for sometime. How does the county profit when landowners get sick of this type of BS and leave? It also seems like you didn’t do much research on county ordinances before you bought that big chunk of land, or did you hear through the grapevine that Jasper County has no enforcement?

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