May 6, 2018


 The public hearing for the tournament lake has been cancelled.  Why bother having a hearing and getting permission when the P&Z director allows you to have a tournament anyway and says it is just part of the “pay lake” he issued a business license for?

Yes, there was a fishing tournament yesterday on a shared pond.  Despite the neighbor’s complaints (the one that owns part of the pond), Shane Sealy pretty much told her he was not going to do anything about it. 

It seems that Mr. Sealy, as P&Z Director, thinks his job is to help people get around the county zoning ordinances rather than enforce them.  The County Manager and BOC are complicit in that they do nothing about it.

Here are a few other examples:

  • Was the application for the “Pay Lake” obtained under misleading circumstances? If so, why is it not revoked?  Other codes on the property appear to be being violated as well.  Living in a camper is against our codes; building or moving in large sheds/buildings without a permit is also against the rules.  Sealy seems to be afraid to enforce the law because someone might not like it or they threaten they have a lawyer.

  • Bennett Cove just had another wedding last weekend (4/30/18). Four (4) garbage cans full of trash were out by the road Sunday after the wedding on Saturday.  Bennett Cove has no permit or license and such activities are not allowed in the AG district.  No matter, they do what they want and the County Manager has said, “Well, they say they don’t charge.”  Not only is that not true (look at the internet for prices), but what does that have to do with enforcing the codes and zoning ordinances?  It is just another way to help someone bypass the law.

  • The motocross track that was denied by the P&Z Board is now operating as V3 Offroad Racing, LLC.

V3 advertises that after they work on your motorcycle, you can use their motocross track to try it out.  Once again, Sealy has allowed a business in the AG district that goes against the Zoning ordinances.

  • When a junk yard of old cars was put at the corner of Edwards Road and Hwy 83 S, Sealy issued them a business license. State laws were ignored, such as required screening, and not one fine was levied.  When the P&Z board denied a special use permit, again, Sealy gave them a long period of time to remove the vehicles.  These vehicles were moved to another piece of land in the north part of the county as well as behind a house on Hwy 11 N.  More complaints were lodged and again, no fines levied.

  • When a welding shop was opened at the same location as the previous junkyard, it was found that they were building trailers, selling them without collecting sales tax, and telling folks to tell the tax commissioner’s office that they were homemade to avoid the rules and regulations of the Highway Safety Commission and other agencies. Instead of shutting them down, Sealy let them continue operating and helped them “come into compliance” by giving them advice and never citing them or fining them.   It seems he thinks his job is to find a way around the codes, rather than enforce them.

  • A dog kennel is operating on Hwy 212 W near Larry’s 4 Way. Kennels require a special use permit, and there has been no such hearing. There is also a large sign on the ROW advertising the business—boarding, training, etc.  Others are required to get a sign permit, but no such permit has been obtained by this business.  Sealy has done nothing about it.

Either Sealy does not know the laws or willfully ignores them.  Either the County BOC chooses to look the other way or allows Sealy to pick and choose who he will cite and fine.

 TWG has repeatedly posted about this problem and brought it to the attention of Sealy, the County Manager, Mike Benton, and the BOC.  The BOC either needs to do away with the codes or enforce them.

There is no in between. Everyone has to follow the rules or nobody has to follow the rules.  Which is it going to be?



Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.



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  1. Do as you please says:

    Jasper county is the place to go for “entrepreneurs”.

    Disregard zoning laws, noise ordinances and a business license is only a recommendation, if you so desire to purchase one. One wonders if they are just as lax with the income reporting of these enterprises.

  2. Muh Bread And Circus says:

    When it comes to being entertained, the intellectually barren hedonist accepts no boundaries and since people go stupid in herds, it makes sense that people willing to ignore law, cost or respect for the rights of one’s neighbor in order to accommodate the madness of the crowd will suddenly find themselves in positions of authority, qualified or not.
    Government is merely a mirror of society at large. When pleasure becomes more important than virtue, civil societies fail.

  3. David Sheppard says:

    Just amazes me every time I see things like this. Sealy needs to do his job correctly or else get the hell out. Rules are rules and need to be followed for all. I had to get a stupid permit to build a shop and even had to go thru a inspection. Why not all others?

  4. Watching with despair says:

    You can’t make this stuff up. I make a motion to get rid of the BOC, the County Manager, and Code Lack of Enforcement and just let people fend for themselves, because that’s basically what we are doing here. Let’s stop wasting $$ on their salaries, and they can stop pissing away our taxes.

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