May 14, 2018

 ELOST (Education Local Option Sales Tax) is on the ballot for the May 22nd Primary election (early voting going on now).  This ELOST is for $9.9M of obligation debt the School Board wants to use to build a new stadium complex.  They are hoping this tax will pass with less than 10% of the people voting.

There is always light turn out during primary elections, so that is when our leaders put ELOST and SPLOST on the ballot.  Most people have no idea what they are voting on or just don’t vote at all.

According to the legal ad, this new debt will start in 2020 and go through 2035.  Since this ELOST will only be for 5 years, there will have to be 3 consecutive ELOST approvals to pay off the entire debt.

The first $8M they want to raise in this self imposed tax will be used to pay $1.5M on 2005 bonds still outstanding and $6.5M on “projects.”  The main project is a new stadium complex.

The legal ad is long and most people don’t or won’t read it, but people think this $9.9M will go to upgrade the schools.  From everything we have heard, this money will go to the new stadium complex—the acquisition of textbooks, computer hardware and software, band instruments, and classroom upgrades will be further down the line. 

The School Board is confident this new debt will pass, as they are already in the process to start bidding on the athletic complex as you can see by the start date of June 2018.

As we saw posted on a facebook comment—people just keep voting to tax themselves to death. 

We urge you to Be Informed, then vote!


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.


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10 Responses to VOTE YOURSELF $9,900,000 MORE DEBT

  1. Want Want Want says:

    It seems to me that Money is of no concern to BOE and the county commissioners. These people are crazy with all there wants. What will be next on their agenda as this madness continues to develop. Get a grip people vote No on the Maddness.

  2. It's a trap says:

    This is a “gotcha”. If I vote for the ELOST next week, I am committing myself to voting for it for the next 15 years.

    Should I decide not to vote for it again in 5 years, then my school taxes will increase as the $9.9 million had already been borrowed by that time.

    The assessment on my property has increased again this year, so the school will be getting more money from me as it is, unless the school board rolls back the millage rate, which I do not believe will happen. They want all the money they can possibly get.

  3. Fed up with splost and elost taxes says:

    If enough ill informed and “it’s for the children” types vote for this tax increase it will also pass the next 3 consecutive times. The SPLOST and ELOST pushers will each time proclaim, “this is not a tax increase”. Technically it is not an increase, but a continuing of the original increase. I hear this same old playbook repeated time and time again. We do not need tax dollars spent on a sports arena at the school. Taxes in this dirt poor county are already outrageous. I remember when sales tax in Georgia was only 3 percent. The simpleminded tax and spend voters will win again unless enough well informed intelligent voters get off their rear ends and vote down this nonsense.

  4. I Cant Read, But I Can Shoot Baskets Real Good says:

    SPLOST and ELOST are presented in such a way to appear to be so wonderful. The devil is always in the details. The school board is like our commissioners. They completely fail to put priorities in the proper order. Taxes should be directed towards quality curriculum and teachers, instead of a sports complex. What a waste, and the shame is that voters will probably approve this tax. Our schools are not adequately preparing students to perform well in the real world workplace, but we shore do have a purty sports complex. Aint it grand!!!!!!!!

  5. Stop the madness says:

    Didn’t we just vote on SPLOST to build a new rec center?

    There has to be a way to amalgamate what we already have. We just cannot afford these grandiose projects to please every group.

  6. Seniors should vote no says:

    Senior citizens in this county have asked for years why do they have to pay school tax when so many other counties give seniors an exemption. Voting no would be one way for seniors to finally have a say in continuing to fund the growing and expanding debt of the Jasper County School System.

    • County me in says:

      I agree with you whole-heartedly. I have never had children but have paid school taxes for 50 years.

      I am ok with paying for the education, but I draw the line when my money goes to feeding them and pay for their recreation. I already pay for recreation through county and city taxes.

  7. Another needless building project says:

    You are correct. Who would read a 3 column legal ad of little print? No one. School board members and others that have a stake in spending more money are out promoting this as helping the schools. A stadium is not helping to educate any child for what they need to succeed in life, which is a strong background in math, science, and technology. My vote is no. This is not for the children but just another building program to suck more money out of the people of Jasper County.

  8. Stop Pretending says:

    The easiest sell for bond marketeers in America is muh sportsball arenas. Morons live for entertainment and if the taxpayers have to accrue enormous debt so dullards can live vicariously though the athletic prowess of others for an hour or two, then so be it.

    We constantly hear that we need more sportsball venues because sports build character.
    If sports does indeed build character then sports infatuated modern America should be awash in outstanding character beyond measure, but it isn’t. We are building are more prisons and militarizing more police everyday to incarcerate criminals and combat crime on a scale never before seen in the history of any modern democracy, all the while building more taxpayer funded sports venues on a massive scale. Clearly, sports isn’t the answer to reversing America’s slide into moral decay, so we should stop pretending it is.

    The original purpose of public school was to educate kids in the basic knowledge of science, arithmetic and reading, but somehow that noble objective has taken a back seat to the entertainment industry of sports. The taxpayer’s responsibility is to neither provide entertainment for students’ parents nor instill a moral code in the student body.
    It is the job of the School Board to manage the taxpayers’ money to the best of their ability. So far, we the taxpayers of Jasper County have seen none of that.

  9. Gay Morrison says:

    With school taxes being over half of my property tax it is like OMG! Especially on a fixed income in my senior years. I feel horrible because it is for the children. But then on the other hand….I would just like to know when does all of this ends! Where does all the BOE tax money that keeps getting higher every year go?

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