June 4, 2018

(This picture is a representation, and not the actual 900# of trash found in Jasper County.)

Code enforcement cases are heard in Magistrate Court every other Friday.  Last Friday, June 1, a case concerning illegal dumping was presented by the Solicitor, Stephen Morris.  He told Judge Lam that someone from C&B Auto Sales in Covington had dumped 900 pounds of trash on the side of a Jasper County road.

Based on Mr. Morris’ presentation, code enforcement had gone through the trash and several names were found.  Mr. Morris said they were not exactly sure which person was responsible, but they knew it was C&B Auto Sales.  Either one of the names found was the owner’s daughter, or she was in court to represent C&B Auto Sales.   She pleaded not guilty.  This is very significant.

By pleading not guilty, the case is taken out of Magistrate court jurisdiction and goes to Superior Court.  There is just one problem with thatthe county never appoints someone to present the case in Superior Court.  From what we have been told, the county attorney does not handle criminal cases; therefore, the BOC needs to request that the Solicitor, Mr. Morris, or some other attorney to present the case.

If the BOC does not follow through and appoint someone to prosecute the case, nothing ever happens, the case dies….and this has been going on for YEARS.  The commissioners have never bothered to find out what the outcome has been of any code enforcement case, or any other Magistrate case the county is involved in.  In approximately 2010, Comm. Mary Patrick presented a resolution that directed code enforcement to inform the BOC of the outcomes of any Magistrate case.  This resolution was approved by the BOC, but no one has ever followed through.

Commissioners, we do not need anyone, much less people from other counties, dumping in Jasper County.  The trash along our roads is already bad enough.  Please follow through with this case and have it prosecuted in Superior Court.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.



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  1. Alan W. Cox says:

    Come on people, your comments indicate you really think Jasper County in general will do something about this???

    They do not even handle the easy littering cases let alone a case that crosses jurisdictional lines and may step on some toes in Newton County. Remember you elected these guys because they “GET ALONG” you never said they had to do anything hard!

    Just my opinion.

  2. Public Works has better things to do says:

    What type of trash did these people dump? Is it old auto parts, such as oil filters, etc?

    Either way, refuse is a health hazard and these people need to be stopped.

    900 lbs of trash will invite all kinds of critters, not to mention the man-hours it will take to clean that up. Somebody must have seen something.

  3. Procecuting is necessary says:

    I am not sure that littering is considered criminal behavior, although it should be.

    I get mad every time I drive down a road and see all that litter. For a business to do that is disgusting and unacceptable.

    If we do not nip this in the bud, we will see a lot more of this. There are sign that states, “No littering, violators will be fined $1,000. Signs are no good if the law is not enforced. It is also a waste of money.

    I thought that criminal behavior was prosecuted by the DA’s office.

    • taxdogs says:

      For some reason the magistrate cannot hear the case or will not hear the case, and the DA will not prosecute the case. We don’t understand it all either.

  4. Commissioners-Get Your Priorities In Order!!!!!! says:

    If the commissioners and other county employees had ipads, all problems, including this one, would be handled and solved.

  5. Vic robinson says:

    We found two trash bags about half a mile apart ,both had mail from same address.i call police to investigate.they tell me that code inforcement take care of this .so I left message on phone for them .yep that’s the end of story no call back ! FYI we picked up the trash

    • taxdogs says:

      This is a huge problem in Jasper County. Everyone has “their job” and refuses to do anything else. It doesn’t matter if it helps the county, if it’s related, or not.

  6. Gay Morrison says:

    Come on BOC! I agree that this needs to be followed through on. You all waste so much of our hard earn tax dollars every day. Spend some of it to help keep this beautiful County beautiful! Someone from a Newton County business dumping 900 pounds of trash on our roadside is totally unacceptable. Thank you!

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