June 27, 2018

It is hard to deal with county officials and their employees that do not seem to understand the rules or enforce the existing rules/ordinances.  The developers tearing up county roads with heavy equipment are given more time to do more damage, while the citizens’ complaints are not dealt with appropriately.

Eagle Dr. Damage at Peninsula Entrance

Yesterday on Eagle Dr., more heavy equipment was brought in.  Heavy lowboys carrying the equipment traveled all the way down Eagle to Peregrine Ct. where they turned around, and then drove all the way back up to the new “Peninsula” entrance off Eagle and dropped off the equipment—tearing up the road in the process. 

This map shows the problem area.  The contractor said the reason he had to go down and turn around at Peregrine, was because the truck was too big to make the turn to go into the Peninsula property.  You would think this would mean the truck  was much too heavy to be on a poorly constructed county road like Eagle Dr.!

Eagle Dr. was blocked with the trucks and with heavy equipment yesterday.  Over half the road blocked, and anyone driving on Eagle Dr. had to drive on the shoulder to get around.

Problems that could be fixed, but….no one seems to do their job.  (Or doesn’t have time to their job because they are too busy micromanaging everyone else.)

  1. Over 3 months ago, there was great concern at the P&Z hearing about the Peninsula People that commented were concerned about the dangerous area on Jackson Lake Rd. where the main entrance would be built, and the damage that would be done to Eagle Dr.  They called for an inspection of Eagle, as required by County Ordinance Sec. 105-222. – Improvements to existing streets and rights-of-way for subdivisions…shall be resurfaced and widened….”  This work is required by county code to be done BY THE DEVELOPER, not the county/taxpayers.  So far, the P&Z director, Public Works director, and the County Manager seem to have been too busy to do any inspections, take pictures, or be concerned about the damages to our county roads.
  1.  Over 2 months ago, residents of Eagle Dr. contacted Public Works, and Director Preston Campbell said he would put up signs to prevent heavy construction equipment and trucks on Eagle Dr.  Those signs were still not up 6/26/18, and according to residents on Eagle Dr., the Public Works Director will not put them up until the County Manager approves it.  Why would the County Manager have to approve something like that?  Doesn’t the Public Works director have any authority to do his job?

  2. This week  no construction signs or warning signs were placed on Jackson Lake Rd. to warn people to slow down or be aware of equipment.  Despite putting up two barrels after complaints on Friday, as of 6/26/18 there were still no warning signs.  If this was a logger, there would signs up and down Jackson Lake Rd.  This developer seems to have special privileges. 
  3. Yesterday heavy equipment tearing up a county road got the attention of the County Manager after he was called by residents, but all he told the developer was to widen their entrance so the trucks could get in.  There seems to be NO county oversight on this project, and anything the developer wants to do—block the road, damage the road, and use the road—seems to be permissible. 
  4. Later this week there will be at least two (2) more bulldozers brought in by semi trucks with lowboy trailers.  We expect more road damage due to the weight of the loaded trucks.


This project should concern ALL county taxpayers, because it sure looks like we are going to be paying for repairing the road damageThe final plat of the subdivision should NOT be approved until Eagle Dr. is widened and repaved by the developer—as required.



Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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  1. What will it be? says:

    Will the county insist that the developer puts in an acceleration/deceleration lane or is that up to the whim of the developer?

    It looks to me like such a lane is sorely needed.

    • taxdogs says:

      Someone that went to that public hearing, said that that was part of the preliminary plat approval. That they had to put in the acceleration/ deceleration lane.

  2. Wild Wild West says:

    More and more people are ignoring the county code with impunity.

    If the codes will not or cannot be enforced, we should just do away with the code enforcement position.

  3. Watching with despair says:

    Hard to get better commissioners when no one votes or runs against them.

  4. gayle gray says:

    This county needs to clean house of employees that do not do their jobs.

    Gayle Gray


    • Gay Morrison says:

      That is a novel idea that a few taxpayers have been trying to get done for years. Whenever we get a win, and an absolute horrible employee is fired, the replacement seems to be worse or just as horrible. It all starts with the BOC. Until we can get all in the county to find and elect upstanding citizens to the BOC we will continue to have what we have. We need to get rid of the overspending, self interest groups pleasing pieces of crap that is now known as the BOC. We need citizens that are only interested in saving taxpayers money, but not at the cost or detriment of what we actually can afford and need.

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