BOC proud of cuts to FY19 budget….but it is $388,000 higher than last year and taxes are going up

June 28, 2018

Even though the FY19 budget increased by $388,653 over the FY18 budget, the commissioners were proud of themselves for all the “cuts” they made.  There will be  additional revenue of $350,480 over the previous year and the BOC will still have to take $261,646 out of fund balance to balance the $10,429,900 FY19 budget.

What the BOC cut was the huge wish list submitted by all the departments.  The budget still increased 4% over last year.  Taxes will increase overall by 4.27% for the County portion only.

The BOC advertised the budget in the paper the same day as the public hearings, so no one could know what was in the budget or anything else about it.  Remember, when no one shows up for the hearings, Carl Pennamon says this means the public doesn’t have a problem with the budget.  No, it means no one knows anything about it.  We all have come to realize it does not matter if we have any concerns or comments; the BOC does not react to public comments anyway. 

The BOC approved the FY19 budget tonight at a special called meeting.  It included a 3% pay raise for county employees, and a 54% increase in debt payments.

School taxes will also increase by 2.58% over their last year’s budget, according to the school board’s ad in the paper.

County budget as advertised:



Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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3 Responses to BOC proud of cuts to FY19 budget….but it is $388,000 higher than last year and taxes are going up

  1. Your Commissioner Thinks You Are An Idiot says:

    Let me clarify how Politian’s make cuts in the budget. X department presents a new budget to an elected official with an increase in spending of 30% over last years spending. X department really needs a 15% increase but knows the commissioners, senators, congressmen, etc. will reduce the requested amount. Our beloved representatives cut the increased request in half. X department gets the funding it wanted all along. Then our commissioners or other elected official struts around like a lone rooster in a yard full of hens and proclaims “I CUT THE BUDGET”. From Jasper County to Washington DC, they play this game. If these clowns cut the budget, it makes sense our taxes would be also cut.

  2. bye says:

    i’ve been in jasper county 11 years, and had my property taxes have increased dramatically each year. i found the most amazing thing the other day- a neighboring county with a beautiful lake has property taxes nearly 1/2 what we pay here. they also have access to a city with a forward looking, pro-growth agenda. businesses flourish, industry abounds, the roads are paved, and the school system isnt on life support. instead of complaining about the corruption and incompetence here in jasper county, we are leaving.

  3. Gay Morrison says:

    I am appalled that they are proud of themselves at my expense! I am appalled that they don’t care! I’m appalled that they have the nerve to say it is THEIR budget. I’m paying for it you you you …..

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