July 7, 2018

In Magistrate Court yesterday, the DOA said that David Williams of K9 Kennels is still required to have a kennel license.  He disputed that, telling the Magistrate Judge, “Shane says I don’t have to have one.  Shane says he will give me a Special Use Permit.”

On 5/31/18, the DOA issued a “Stop Use” order to David Williams d/b/a Peach State K9. 

On January 26, 2018, Williams was cited for not having a business license.  On May 7, 2018 Williams still did not have a license.  In his attempts to always help the code offender, Sealy allowed Williams another 18 days to get the license (as if 4 months without a license was not time enough.)  Williams still failed to obtain the license.

On May 31, 2018 the State issued the inspection report and a stop use order due to solid waste and drainage issues as well as the lack of a county license.  (See July 4, 2018 blog post)

DOA came back on June 7, 2018 and documentation shows extremely little had been done to clean up the property.  Issues included feces, urine, junk and trash, mosquito larvae, flies, wet straw, and general trash throughout the property.  Williams has denied on Facebook posts that there was or is anything wrong on the property.

In Magistrate Court David Williams d/b/a Peach State K9 was fined $300 for not obtaining a business license.  He was given until August 3 to clean up the propertyThere was also a charge of “failure to provide humane care” from Animal Control on the docket, and he was fined $150.

During the Magistrate hearing on 7/6/18, the DOA revoked his State license because Williams had no county license and was not in compliance with county codes.  DOA told Williams that he was required have a kennel license, even if he was “only training dogs” and not boarding dogs (which he has denied despite advertising it on his sign and the internet).  Williams disputed that, telling the Magistrate Judge, “Shane says I don’t have to have one.  Shane says he will give me a Special Use Permit.”

If this is true, than Shane Sealy needs to look at the Jasper County Code of Ordinances and the Land Use Tables.  David Williams lives on Ø.63 acres of residential zoned property.  Jasper code says that kennels are allowed on AG land and commercial zoned C2 land, and those are the only designations for a “special use” permit for kennels, which require a public hearing.  There should be no kennel of any type at this location.

It will be interesting to see if Sealy will allow this business to continue in an area it is not allowed and bypass the State Agriculture kennel rules.



Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.



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  1. sick & tired says:

    Do like Trump does and say ” YOUR FIRED “

  2. BOC The Buck Stops With You says:

    We either have zoning law that applies equally to all or it applies to none. The law is not up to the discretion of Shane Sealy. He has already proven himself to be not only incompetent, but untrustworthy and unreliable as well, so now it’s up to the Board of Commissioners to do their duty and make sure the laws are applied equally and just to all.


    Sec. 119-130. – Home occupation standards in residential zoning districts.

    No occupation shall be carried on within a dwelling or the curtilage thereof in any residential district unless such occupation and its conduct complies with the definition of “home occupation” and with the following standards:


    Residents of the dwelling and up to a maximum of one full-time permanent and four temporary employees may be engaged in the home occupation.


    The home occupation shall be subordinate and incidental to the residential use of the dwelling and must not change the essentially residential character of the building. No internal or external alteration inconsistent with the residential use of the building is permitted.


    No display of products can be visible from the street.


    The home occupation shall not exceed 25 percent of the principal dwelling.


    Outside storage cannot be used in connection with the home occupation.


    Only vehicles designed and used primarily as passenger vehicles (including pickup trucks and vans) may be used in connection with the conduct of the home occupation. In addition, all vehicles associated in connection with the home occupation must have adequate off-street parking and shall not place an increase traffic flow to the residential area.


    The person conducting the home occupation shall obtain a business license from the county.


    The home occupation may occupy up to 25 percent of the floor area of the principal dwelling up to a maximum of 1,000 square feet.


    Home occupations must have the same address as the principal residence; additional or secondary addresses for the home occupation are not permitted.


    In the application for business license, the applicant shall include complete information regarding the scope of the business and its possible impacts on surrounding properties, and shall also evidence its compliance with all requirements of this section.

    (Ord. of 7-20-2009, § 23)

  3. Poor Pups says:

    I don’t believe the dogs in the kennel are boarded. If they are, shame on the owners.

    The condition of the kennel is so bad that the owner should be cited for animal cruelty.

  4. Either all or none says:

    Why can some people get away without following the law or the code, while others get fined for the tiniest infraction?

    Either we start enforcement or we do away with the code and the code enforcement position.

    This has been going on too long.

  5. Watching with despair says:

    This is really sad. Add it to the list of Sealy atrocities. How long does the county think they can get away with lying, finagling, and secrets.
    Just look at Kasim Reid’s legacy in Atlanta, now under intense scrutiny for cover-ups, non-compliance with open records requests, etc. The GBI is all over that. I hope the citizens of Jasper County start paying attention.

  6. As the incompetence flows says:

    This could be a new soap opera. It seems that P&Z just does what ever when ever. It’s like this this guy is nice to me so I’m not going to fine him. These people are so nice they can have as many loud parties they want. The BOC is no better. None of them follow the codes and ordinances that have been on the books for years. Wait till the GBI starts investigating them for not following the state laws that they decide we don’t have to do that. Just keep on boys your time will come.

    • Flabbergasted says:

      Go ahead and do it your way. When the AG dept gets wind of it, they will not only get Williams, but they will go after the BOC. They will go after Shane and the P&Z but through the BOC. They have no problem with taking any BOC to task (court). Perhaps that is what it will take for all of them.

  7. How Much More, Mike Benton ? says:

    Shane Sealy needs to find another job.

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