October 17, 2018

A small sign put up by P&Z director Shane Sealy on Monday, was the only warning people living nearby got about upcoming blasting on the development (The Peninsula) bordering Eagle Drive.  These neighbors did not receive any type of written notification or a telephone call so they would be aware of the noise and why their houses might be shaking.

If it wasn’t for alert neighbors, more than the noise would have been affected. 

Do you know why Eagle Drive was named Eagle Drive?  There is a large eagle’s nest at the end of the road at the lake.  This eagle’s nest was a source of concern for the residents when the Peninsula development was proposed.  They wanted to be sure this nesting area was protected.

People in the area watch for the eagle and its babies.  In fact, the eagle that lives on Jackson Lake built its nest in September, and just recently laid eggs in the nest.  Those eggs should hatch in November if they are not disturbed.  The parents will tend to the babies until March, when they finally fledge and leave the nest.  (This schedule is provided by Fish & Wildlife Service.)

A concerned neighbor called DNR and told them about the blasting and wanted to know what affect it would have on the eagle’s nest.  DNR said that there could be no blasting without approval and a permit from US Fish & Wildlife Service.  The blasting has now been halted until a permit is applied for and approved.  It seems that our P&Z director did not know about this permit, even though he is overseeing this project.

After the neighbors called the P&Z office to find out exactly where the blasting would be on the property and to get more details, the county then put a notice on their Facebook page. Today the sign has Wednesday crossed out with marker and Thursday written in. (It is all done so “professionally” in Jasper County.) 

The blasting will have to be carefully monitored so the eagle and the eggs will be protected.  We are sure the neighbors will do just that since they can not depend on the P&Z director to do so.


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.



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  1. The Jasper Way says:

    Many years ago, there was some blasting in our area. The company doing the blasting sent out letters informing the affected homeowners of the date the blasting was taking place and that someone was going to come unto our property to install equipment to measure the shock waves. This was to protect them and us in case there was a claim about damage.

    Clearly, it was not a last minute decision to blast at the Peninsula and a hand written sign shows how little they think of the residents in the neighborhood.

    Just another example of incompetent leadership.

  2. followthemoney says:

    From the very beginning, there has been no concern for the eagles shown by the BOC, the developers, GA Power, or any one else involved with the Peninsula. The eagles are just in the way of them slamming that property on the market. It’s just sickening to watch. When the dust settles I hope every voter in this county will take a long hard look at the people who were elected to represent us. We have been cheated in so many ways!

  3. Incompetent staff says:

    I hold not only Shane Sealy responsible, but Mike Benton and our incompetent BOC!
    They had better hope nothing disturbs this magnificent bird and her eggs!

  4. SSGW says:

    Glad a concerned citizen thought about the eagles. Your P&Z guy is worthless.


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