November 9, 2018

Shane Sealy is finding more ways to get around the people living on Eagle Dr. This week the developers blasted with no real notice to the residents living near the blast site.

We have obtained an email sent by Sealy to some residents on Eagle Dr. at 8:30AM this Wednesday (11/7/18).  This email was to let them know that sometime between 2PM and 3PM there would be more blasting at the new development (The Peninsula at Jackson Lake). 

There were NO signs notifying residents the day before, and there were no signs at 9:00AM on the day of the blasting.  No one is exactly sure when the signs were put up, because few people saw them.  Most people had left for the day and did not read the email “notifying” them of the blasting; therefore, the blast came as a surprise to most residents.

Sealy says in his email that he notified Bob Sargent of DNR.  Sargent came and “checked” on the eagles before the blasting last time, and told Sealy there could be no more blasting after November 8th.  We do not have a status on the eagles.

A map of the blast area was attached to an email Sealy sent out later the same day at 12:11PM.  Those who heard the blast and felt their house shake were not sure of the accuracy of the map, once they saw the email and map later that evening.

What is the requirement to notify people of blasting?  No requirement? Twenty-four (24) hours? An email right before it happens?  It seems in Jasper County it is just whatever you decide that day. 


Citizens, be informed and stay informed!  Only by being informed, can the citizens understand what is being done and talked about, and then press our officials to make good decisions for everyone in Jasper County.  That is our goal with the Taxdogs blog.

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  1. We don't need no stinking permit says:

    Were permits obtained for the blasting?

    It is my understanding that a Commercial blasting requires a license issued by the State Fire Marshal’s Office.

    2. A Permit shall be valid only for a single transaction and shall only be used in the county where the permit is issued.
    3. A Permit shall be valid only for a single transaction and does not authorize storage. All explosives listed on the Permit must be purchased at one time and used on the day of purchase or returned to the vendor the same day.

    For all the rules, see link below.

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