Election Results

These results are from the Secretary of State website.

 Never underestimate the value of YOUR ONE VOTE!  There was a low turnout and every vote did make a difference.  See District 5 BOC results for proof of how important every vote is.

As you read these results keep in mind there are approximately 1600 registered voters in each district or approximately 9000 voters in Jasper CountyWhere were they?  Local elections are the most important elections of all.

 District 1-BOC- Democrat–.C. Pennamon           152

District  3–BOC- Republican -G. Trammell          261
(This race will be contested in November with Trammell vs. Hays)

District 5–BOC–R.Harrison – 97      D. Luke – 105

B.Schilling   222
W. Sparks    106

B. Jacobs -343
T. Lam –    529 *
A. Steele-  740 *

SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE  (results from entire circuit)
Dawn Baskin       -8019
Christian Henry  -4091
Amanda Petty     -12539














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  1. A wiser choice or a lap dog? says:

    Doug Luke has been Trammel’s lap dog for the past 3 years. He got down and barked for a meeting or 2 about lowering taxes to get re-elected. How long will it take him to climb back up on Trammel’s lap and vote with his great bunch of guys as he calls the commissioners? Luke may have been the wiser choice in the eyes of some, but the lack of knowledge Luke has after 4 years in office is appalling.

    • Sad But True says:

      Unfortunately he was the lesser of two evils. Until there are competent folks that will run for office your only choice is going to remain the lesser of two evils.

  2. People are strange says:

    Many people are upset with our elected officials. When it comes time to make a change, they either are too busy to vote or re-elect the people they complain about.

    Throw the bums out, but not my bum….that is their motto.

  3. Elections Prove Reason Is Not An Inherent Human Trait says:

    The majority have spoken. Some wisely, choosing the best choice offered, as is the case with the D5 voters and others, not so much, electing a progressive in poke, as the D4 voters opted to do.
    Nevertheless, it is always disturbing that people will vote for a candidate that literally guarantees their property tax rates will increase. We get what we ask for and deservedly so.

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